5 ways to help your kids finish their homework on time


It seems like young students are getting more and more homework these days and many kids find it difficult to get assignments done on time. Whether they are reading several chapters in a textbook or completing math problems to prepare for an exam, it’s essential that kids get things done on time so they can be successful academically and enjoy a general balance in their young lives. It’s important that kids have a chance to be outside, spend time with family and friends, and explore extracurricular activities. Time management is an essential skill for today’s busy academic life.

1.  Improve focus

Many young kids get distracted by any number of things in their environment. There might be a lot of noise in their study space or social media might be playing a role in time management issues. Having excellent focus is essential to getting homework done on time so this is one of the first things parents might want to look at. Perhaps a student needs to work in an environment like a library to avoid distraction or maybe they need to sit down and eat a snack so their brain is functioning at its best level.

2.  Provide adequate brakes

Students also have trouble getting assignments in on time if they don’t have appropriate breaks. Many students try and finish their entire assignment and end up running out of steam or taking a break at a less than ideal time. When a student has finished a particular sub-topic or chapter they should consider taking a short break so their brain can relax and refocus. Finding a good stopping point is essential to time management because students who stop at random intervals often have to go back and reread information in order to get caught up; all of these things take up time.

3.  Arrange outdoor or exercise time

Kids also have trouble concentrating if they haven’t gotten enough fresh air and exercise in a given day. Kids might need to run around outside for a little while before tackling their homework or they might need to participate in a regular exercise program so their general concentration improves. On the other hand, some kids struggle to transition from playtime to homework time and may need help from a parent or tutor to get started on longer homework assignments (READ: Irvine Tutoring Tips: 5 Tips For Coping With Summer Stress).

4.  Encourage organization

Good organization is essential to finishing any task on time. Most students need to learn which assignments take a long time, which assignment is due first, and how much energy they might need for each task. Kids who can organize themselves, or who have help with organization, have a much better chance of improving their overall time management and getting their homework done at a reasonable hour so they can enjoy balance and time with family at the end of the day.

5.  Help kids become self-starters

Although younger kids will need a lot of direction from parents and teachers, the best thing is for them to develop their time management skills so they can become a self-starter and get things done on time by themselves. At what age and level this occurs will depend a lot on personal circumstances, but it’s something that every kid should work towards. As kids get older, it’s ideal for them to be able to know how much homework they have, about how long it will take to complete, and which assignments are most important to their successful learning. Independent study habits help kids maintain higher academic standards throughout all levels of learning.

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