Tips From A San Diego Summer Tutor: 5 ways to keep your child learning over summer break


Summer break is just around the corner, and kids are thrilled to be able to leave the classroom and run around outside in the sunshine. Parents are equally as excited to enjoy time with their kids but are also concerned about whether or not they will continue to learn over the summer and be prepared for the next school year. Summer offers a great opportunity for parents to supplement their child’s education and get them learning with all five senses – our private San Diego summer tutors are here to keep your child’s studies on track over the summer.

1.  Go beyond the four walls

The four walls of a classroom offer a fantastic traditional learning environment where kids can work as a team and discover essential information in books and from their teacher. However, there’s so much more out there for kids to learn about in the world. Parents should think about what their kids can discover outside of the four walls of the classroom from nature parks to museums to summer camps.

2. Hands-on learning

Kids love to touch and manipulate things so they can understand the world around them. They love to build machines and make models or dig in the dirt and learn about nature. Kids can go to an engineering camp and build their very own robot or collect soil samples and analyze the different minerals in their backyard. Although young students get a ton of audio-visual stimulation during the year, summer is a great time to investigate hands-on learning.

3. Socialization

Social skills are so important for young kids to develop so they can learn to get along with people outside of their family and learn about different types of people and personality types. These skills will become more and more important as kids grow up and eventually go out into the world on their own. Socialization can be developed in many forms including community sports teams, art camps, or a day at the playground. Regardless of the specifics, it’s so important for young kids to get out there and learn to get along with other kids (Irvine Tutoring Tips: Ways to Work on Writing This Summer).

4. DIY field trips

Field trips are one of the best things about being in school, but kids don’t get to go on as many as they might like. During the summer, families can plan their field trips and enjoy everything their local area has to offer. Every kid should have a chance to visit an art and science museum to cure their curiosity and discover new cultures and periods of history. Parents can also take their kids to nature centers and state parks to learn about their local environment. The great thing about DIY field trips is that parents can choose the location based on their child’s interests.

5. Reading!

It’s incredibly important for young students to read over the summer. Most classroom teachers offer suggested reading lists that are age and skill appropriate for their students, but kids should also investigate which series of books they want to read just for fun. Kids can spend a rainy day at the library exploring picture books or chapter books depending on their age or build a pillow fort and read in their room. Kids will learn about character development, grammar and punctuation, and sentence structure during the school year but summer offers a unique opportunity to develop a love of reading where kids can discover both fact and fiction for years to come.

It’s not too late to set up your summer San Diego private tutor. Our experienced San Diego tutors work around your schedule so your child will stay academically smart and have fun over break.

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