5 Reasons to Hire a Private Los Angeles Tutor this Summer


Summer is already in full swing and kids are enjoying a lot of time outdoors in the sunshine playing with family and friends. The four walls of the classroom are the farthest thing from their minds but, doing academics over the summer can be very helpful for some young students. Some students were falling behind during the school year while others may have lofty goals when it comes to applying to college. Whether students need to catch up or get ahead, working with a tutor over the summer can provide some benefits that make life easier now and in the future – our private Los Angeles summer tutors are here to help you catch up and stay ahead over break.

1.  Work at your own pace

One of the great things about working with a private tutor, during the summer or anytime, is that it allows students to work at their own pace without feeling rushed or having to wait for other kids in the class to catch up. Although summer school can be helpful, students will have to follow the pace set by the course provider that helps the majority of students who fall somewhere in the middle. On the other hand, some students just need help with one important aspect of learning, or they might need extensive help in every subject. When working with a private tutor, students can play a more active role in their supplemental education and talk about what learning strategies have worked for them in the past.

2. Focus on one subject

Working with a private tutor also allows the students to work on just the one subject they need to improve. For instance, maybe they were struggling with algebra during the school year but excelled in both English and science. When working with a one-on-one tutor, students can study algebra until they feel 100% confident that they will be ready for the school year this fall and spend the rest of their summer enjoying the outdoors (READ: Five Educational Activities For Your Kid this Summer).

3. Study in the comfort of your own home

Each student is different; some excel in a classroom environment while others prefer to tackle academic challenges in the comfort of their own home. Students who are a little bit shy and have trouble asking for help in the classroom can learn efficiently with the help of a one-on-one tutor. Additionally, students who are working on stressful subjects like SAT prep or college applications may feel a lot more relaxed in the peace of their home environment. Most private tutors will drive to the student’s home to make it easy and convenient for both the learner and their parents.

4. Tackle test prep

It’s a challenge for students to squeeze in their test prep in addition to every other subject they’re required to learn during the school year. Summer provides an excellent opportunity for students to get this difficult yet necessary task out of the way so they can achieve their best score when they take their SAT or ACT in the fall. Doing test prep over the summer with a private tutor also makes it easier for students to focus on their regular classroom subjects during the year because test prep won’t be taking up their free time.

5. Make up for lost time

Students who missed out for one reason or another during the school year will benefit from having a private tutor to help with academics over the summer. Some children lose a few days of school to illness or may have fallen behind because they didn’t understand the building blocks of a particular subject or topic. Being a little bit behind can become more and more of a problem as students get older so utilizing the summer to catch up is one of the best opportunities to stay at grade level and be successful in the long run.

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