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Q:  I need to get my papers done faster? Is there an app for that?

Brief: Yes! Try out Google Online Dictation



Students have so many options these days when it comes to study guides and materials. Although mobile apps are fabulous and can help out students on the go or those working in a group, students who are working at home from their laptop or desktop can benefit heavily from the multitude of free Google apps. One such is the online dictation feature. Many students struggle to find the words or content they are looking for, and once they do it seems to leave their mind as quickly as it enters. This should come as no surprise given the amount of information students’ minds accumulate on a daily basis (READ: “5 Reasons Students Should Blog”).

There are many internet-based dictation programs that students can use, however students can easily download the Google online dictation program and have it directly on their laptop or desktop. Online dictation makes it very easy for students to write their papers without ever having to press a key. Google online dictation has two primary advantages: students can get their thoughts down on paper more quickly than they could ever type them and voice recognition dictation software can help students write a paper more quickly when they are in a time crush.

In just a few seconds, students can easily save their thoughts and produce higher-quality work that lead to higher grades. Students who have papers assigned last minute or students who have waited until the last minute to write their papers can use online dictation in order to help them finish their assignments before the clock strikes midnight.

Many students report they experience writer’s block because they are intimidated by a bright white blank computer screen even though they can easily explain to a tutor or study group exactly what they want to say. The beauty of online dictation is that students can ‘write’ an entire essay without ever actually writing anything. The downside to Google online dictation is that some of the network commands are a work in progress. For example, when a student says the word “comma”, half the time they will get an actual comma and the other half the online dictation program will actually type in the word. It is also difficult for students to properly format prior to learning all of the commands and how, exactly, to say them so there will be some editing and typing required. However, even with multiple formatting issues, getting the content down is the most important thing for a student writer (READ: “5 Awesome SAT Apps”).

It’s relatively easy for a private Irvine English tutor or classmate to give edit suggestions for comma placement and grammar structure as long as the writer has the relevant content on paper. If a tutor is not available, or in the event of a last-minute assignment, students can simply copy and paste their online dictation into Word or Pages to check for voice to text errors. Students who have downloaded the free online dictation Google app are advised to start practicing with it ASAP. It’s a huge time-saver and a great way to put thoughts down on paper. It can also produce higher quality content and, possibly, better grades in the future.

Good luck, student writers!

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