Taking the SAT in the Fall: Why Now is a Great time to Prep


Most students choose to take the SAT in the fall so they can start planning for college applications and have the opportunity to take the test a second time in the spring if need be. Unfortunately, fall is a busy time of year for high school students because they are not only adjusting back from summer break but are also focusing on starting new AP classes and writing personal statements for college applications. Students who prep for their SAT over the summer find that it’s easier to focus on this one important task when there are fewer distractions and obligations to get in the way – our private Irvine SAT tutors are here to help you prep over the summer.

1. Work with a one-on-one private tutor

Summer is a great time to work on improving your SAT score with a one-on-one private tutor who can come to the home and help college-bound students create an individualized plan for success. Without the distraction of other academic obligations, students can focus 100% on SAT prep and achieve their best possible score. During the school year, students are limited to working with a tutor after school hours and find that they’re already mentally drained from the school day. During the summer, however, students can work with their tutor any time of day and for the amount of time that suits the student’s academic plan.

2. Increase your score

Many students take a practice SAT only to find out they want to increase their score by a large number of points. It’s getting harder and harder to get into university these days and so students who reach their highest potential score are more likely to be accepted to the university of their choice. When students complete SAT prep for the summer, they have a much better chance of increasing their score and expanding their post-secondary opportunities.

3. Reach college goals

Most students have ‘safety,’ ‘target,’ and ‘reach’ schools. Safety schools are ones that students feel they can get into no matter what based on their current grades and SAT scores. Target schools are schools which students have a good chance of getting into and probably fit the average profile of an admitted student while reach schools are ones that are difficult for anyone to get into and would be the student’s ultimate dream college. When students focus on their SATs over the summer, they have a better chance of determining what will help them get a higher overall score and ultimately reach their college dreams (READ: 4 Great Ways to Study for the SAT this Fall).

4. Maintain a balance

It’s also important for students to be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance throughout the academic year. When students try to focus on college applications, AP classes, a part-time job, and SAT prep their free time dwindles down to nothing. However, the summer months offer a great opportunity to focus on just one fundamental academic goal while still having time for family, friends, or a summer job.

5. Leave time to focus on classroom assignments

When students wait to focus on their SAT prep during the school year, their grades in their classes can start to slip. They might become overwhelmed or just not have enough time to finish everything they need to get done. When students finish their SAT prep over the summer, they have the opportunity to focus 100% on important classroom assignments and make sure they’re getting excellent grades in their honors or AP courses.

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