Orange County Science Tutor Tips: 6 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Love Science


Science is such a great subject that encourages analytical thought and imagination at the same time. Kids who get into science at an early age will learn how to question things they don’t understand, investigate, research, and so much more. Science helps kids look at the world in a new light and helps them understand things from all five senses. Whether a kid is collecting samples out in nature or doing research in a lab, science will help them improve their overall academic success and keep them curious about the world around them.

1.  Research skills

Science can help young learners improve their research skills and understand what type of research is effective and how to do it. Most people think of science when they think about doing research but this skill is actually applicable to pretty much every subject kids study in school. Older students will complete research papers for English, history, and economics and students of all ages can use research to think about the world around them and determine fact versus fiction.

2. The scientific method

Kids who get into science will also learn about the specifics of the scientific method. This is a really important aspect of education because it leads to new technology, new medical care, and other important scientific discoveries. It’s an important lesson for kids to understand that their research, where appropriate, must adhere to the scientific method and that other people’s experiments need to as well.

3.  A creative perspective

Although we don’t immediately think of creativity and imagination when we think about science, this subject can actually broaden the perspective of any student. It helps them think about things outside of the textbook and imagine all five senses when doing experiments or completing research. Kids who are creative learn how to problem solve, deal with difficult situations, discover new ways of being successful, and tend to have a more well-rounded education (READ: 5 Ways to Study for Science Class).

4.  Questions and answers

One of the most important skills young students can learn is how to ask a question and how to answer it. Whether they’re answering their own question or another person’s, this simple skill is at the heart of all education and learning. Asking the right questions, the ones that lead to a concrete answer or perhaps an infinite number of answers can be really difficult for a young child who is just beginning their academic career. Science encourages students to ask a ton of questions and come up with different answers that can lead to a solution.

5.  Thinking outside the box

Science also encourages students to think outside the box. If an experiment fails, students will have to look for a new solution or create an entirely new experiment. If one thing doesn’t work, they have to figure out another way to be successful. Of course, this train of thought is helpful in science, but it’s also helpful in all aspects of life both academic and personal. Much of education encourages students to think inside the box, so it’s essential for them to be able to step back, take a moment and think about all the possibilities available to them.

6. Details

Studying science also helps students develop a detail-oriented way of thinking. Whether doing research, conducting an experiment, or learning about scientists from the past, students will have to look at every minute detail to discover a solution to whatever problem they’ve been given. Many careers require people to be extremely detail oriented, so it’s a great idea for students to develop the skill early on.

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