Tips From an Orange County SAT Tutor: 5 ways to get on track with your SAT study this February


Students taking the SAT in the spring are, hopefully, already partway into their test preparation. However, if a student has yet to crack open a SAT prep book, there are several things they can do this February to ensure their personal best on this important exam. When it comes to crucial tests such as the SAT, students who think about having a strategy ahead of time tend to do a lot better on the actual exam and are less anxious than their peers who don’t prep – our experienced Orange County SAT tutors are here to help.

1.  Sign up for a test date

The first thing students need to do is figure out which month(s) they want to take the SAT in. Spots fill up fast, so students need to make sure they don’t miss the deadline. In some situations, students can sign up during late registration but they will need to pay an additional fee, and they can only do this if there are still spots available. So, if a student has yet to pick a test date for spring or fall of 2017, they should stop what they’re doing, go online and do it right now.

2.  Handle additional logistical issues

The next practical thing students need to do is take care of any logistical issues that may affect their personal situation. Some students request a fee waiver but need to provide specific documentation. Other students may have a learning difference that qualifies them to have extra time on the exam, but they will need to provide ample documentation to request an accommodation. Some students will need to decide whether or not they wish to take the SAT in the same month as their advanced placement exams. Whatever the issue it’s best to take care of it early (READ: 5 Awesome SAT Apps).

3.  Take a practice exam

Most students don’t want to take a full-length practice exam for the basic reason that it takes up about four hours of their time on a Saturday afternoon. There are so many other things to do on the weekend that seem a lot more fun. Instead of a full-length exam, students take one or two sections and figure they have a pretty good estimation of their base score. This trips up a lot of students because they forget that the brain doesn’t work the same when it’s tired as when it’s sharp. To get an entirely accurate base score students need to take an entire practice exam with only the brakes that the real test administrator would give them. Better yet, they should take it first thing in the morning to see how they do when they’re fatigued.

4.  Identify personal strengths and weaknesses

Once students have calculated their score from their practice exam, they can work with a test prep expert to determine their personal strengths and weaknesses. Their tutor may ask them to do other exercises to help figure out how best to bridge the gap between their base score and the score they want. This is one of the most crucial parts of the test prep process.

5.  Develop a personal strategy

Once students have figured out what their great at and what they need extra help with they can begin to develop a personal strategy to reach their goal. This may include doing writing exercises or brushing up on math formulas. They may end up practicing editing their writing or reading various passages and texts to improve their reading comprehension. One size does not fit all when it comes to test prep, so it’s important students have a chance to figure out what works best for them as an individual.

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