Why it’s Not too Late to Get a Tutor for Finals

The majority of students have finals coming up at the end of January. It’s easy to think that if a student is continuously receiving grades lower than their potential, that it might be too late to get a tutor this term and it’s better just to start fresh in the spring. However, there are several reasons why getting a private Orange County tutor, even last minute, can add greatly to a student’s academic success.


1. Final grades are written on paper

Although interim grades (that test or quiz grade or that term paper) cannot be changed, the final grade is the one that will be written on paper and lasts forever. For students in their sophomore through senior year of high school, this can be an essential part of being accepted to a university. Final grades can still mean a lot for younger students. If students start to get used to the idea of feeling they can’t come back from a failure at a young age, they will probably take this theory into adulthood as well. Although an A+ may no longer be possible, an A- is still better than a B+ and a B- is still better than a C+. It’s important to remember that those final grades will stay with students on paper indefinitely (READ: “How to Get an A Before the End of the Term”).

2. Perseverance

When students learn to persevere through a difficult situation, such as surviving through a semester at school, they learned a valuable life lesson that can help them all the way through their student experience. Although grades are extremely important, there’s more to education. If a student works with a tutor last minute they may be able to learn difficult concepts covered in the first half of the year that they will need for the second. It’s hard to get a fresh start in February if a student is totally confused about topics in December. At this point, students may be too frustrated to persevere alone and may need the help of a supplemental educator.

3. Teamwork

When students work as a team, they learn valuable skills that they may not be able to learn on their own. If they’re working with a tutor during finals week, they may begin to understand that good study habits are paramount to academic success and that organizational skills are key to keeping stress at low levels. Although students working with a tutor last minute will not see the same results of students who work with tutors year round, they may learn enough to still be successful this term and next. As adults in the workplace we work as partners or in a team all the time, so there’s no reason why younger students shouldn’t be able to develop the same teamwork at this point in life.

4. Learning good habits

Students who work with a tutor during finals will also learn valuable educational skills such as organization, breaking up tasks, recognizing fatigue, creating a study guide, learning new material, and applying this material to what they already know. Some children will be able to develop these skills simply from being in the classroom, but today’s high expectations and strict testing standards dictate that many students will benefit from extra help. The good habits introduced by a private tutor can help students understand what they, as individuals need to do to prosper when they start their new term in February (READ: “Tips From an Irvine Private Tutor: Avoiding Stress During Finals Week”).

5. Finish the year strong

Students may have been putting off getting a tutor for any number of reasons. However, it’s not too late to prosper on finals and finish the year strong. Students will have learned a lot from their successes and failures during the first half of the school year and will be able to tell their tutors what’s working and what’s not. That still leaves four to five months that students can work on good academic habits so they can ace their tests in the spring and complete the year with an excellent academic record.

Finals will be here before you know it! Book your private San Diego, Orange County, Irvine tutor from TutorNerds today. Call us for more details.

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