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Sometimes studying is impossible. I can think of a million other enjoyable things to do, including sitting in traffic and listening to elevator music. If you find yourself in this predicament, consider a change of venue. Our environment has a huge impact on how we learn, and it doesn’t take much effort to improve it. Just bear with me for a moment and discover how you can take small steps to harmonize the studying experience in your life.


The easiest place to start is the place most of us study; our rooms. Start off with a space that has enough natural light and a comfortable temperature with access to fresh air. When choosing a space for your desk, take a “command position” with your back to a wall. Your seating should be comfortable as well, supporting proper back alignment and allowing your feet to rest flat on the floor. Keep your study area clean and organized to ease your mind of extra stress. Just seeing a clean study space can calm the mind and focus you on your next task. The door to the room should be visible, but not directly in front of you.

Once the basics are set, you can enhance the space with a few more additions. First, create a space for recognition in the room. It doesn’t have to be large, about the size of a medium bulletin board will do. Here you’ll place awards, tests, and any achievements you’ve earned. These will serve as motivation for future accomplishments and a reminder of the hard work you’ve done. Lastly, if you are looking for something to symbolize perseverance and success, use a carp. They are a good fortune symbol, especially with educational achievement.


If making changes to your space isn’t possible, or you just have to get out, consider these other locations for serene study spaces.

Land of books – Whether it’s the university or community library, it’s hard to find a better spot that can almost ensure relative peace and ample resources. There are typically cozy corners to inhabit or study rooms to rent, depending on what you need to accomplish. Stay away from places of high traffic, like computer stations or the entrance. If you can, avoid florescent lights; you’re better off going for a sunny spot instead.

Green spaces – While studying, absorbing some vitamin D is a wonderful accomplishment. Assuming the weather is nice, you can choose from a local park, trail, or public garden. Make sure you bring all your supplies and a comfy quilt or blanket to spread out on. Avoid busy parks full of children or trails with lots of foot traffic. You still want to get some studying done while enjoying nature, just don’t get too distracted by the squirrels or the workout groups.

Caffeine heaven – Coffee shops seem to be the favorite of students everywhere. While yours truly has spent plenty of time in quaint shops, sipping tea and writing poetry, they aren’t great for everyone. If you really need to focus, most students will find coffee shops too distracting between noise, movement, friends and sugary snacks. If you really need the caffeine fix, look for shops with secluded or private rooms you can snag. Another option is to check out museum coffee shops. These tend to be much quieter than your neighborhood spot, and the ambiance will definitely set the mood for studying.

Need more help picking the right study space? Just ask your Irvine in-home personal tutor where he or she likes to study. Don’t have a tutor? Contact us today and we’ll set you up with the perfect private tutor based on your preferences.

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