Tutoring 101

There are many advantages and benefits of HIGH QUALITY private tutoring with TutorNerds.

  1. Students who have fallen behind or simply want to get ahead receive personal assistance beyond the capability of the classroom.

  2. Confidence—Students are enthusiastic about the future and have less stress and anxiety.

  3. There are more opportunities to ask questions.

  4. Parents know students are getting extra help to fill any gaps from the classroom

  5. Our educators give holistic advice that incorporates the subject into the student’s academic career.

  6. We provide test-taking and studying strategies.

  7. We present the material in a way that matches the students’ learning styles

  8. There are no distractions.

  9. The tutor is actually matched to the student based on your choice.

  10. There are opportunities to focus on the little details that might provide big problems.

  11. Our tutors come to you.

  12. Tutors make the material match the student’s pacing.

  13. We have the most flexible scheduling to provide our services at an ideal time for you.

  14. Tutor Expertise—many tutors elsewhere are not professionally experienced in the areas they teach.  But at TutorNerds we only hire Experts.

Students do not need to be afraid of being embarrassed—Our tutors are patient and understanding, particularly because they have experience working with many students.

Getting Started!

CALL US or fill out the form to the right so that we may evaluate your situation and answer any questions. We will then match you with one of our experts. Your tutor will recommend the best strategies for you based on your goals.