Orange County Private Tutor Tips: Online Study Tools for Students

For the most part, the days of highlighters, sticky notes, and good old-fashioned 3 by 5 index cards are gone. Students who opt for tactile tools such as color coding, flashcards, pen & pencil note-taking, and in-person study groups can still use these tried and true tools. However, there are plenty of excellent educational and study websites out there for students who prefer to utilize new technology – though online study tools are helpful, nothing beats the one-on-one assistance of an Irvine academic tutor.


1. Quizlet

Quizlet is a great website for students using technology to help them prepare for exams. One of the best things about Quizlet is that it’s free! It can be used on a laptop or mobile device for convenience. Anybody who needs to create a study guide, starting from elementary School and going all the way through college, can use the study tools that Quizlet offers. Teachers can use it to help their students stay organized and create quizzes to suit their particular learning style. In addition to basic test preparation, students can use Quizlet to organize themes and characters in literature. Because the Great Books list is essential yet challenging, the ability to break novels down into smaller, more manageable parts makes a huge difference when test day comes around (READ: “5 Steps for Surviving Literature Class”).

2. Study Blue

Study Blue is another great website (also free) that students can use to prepare for tests or to help them stay motivated during homework time. Study Blue offers assistance from a wide variety of subjects including math, science, English, and history.  It’s easy to procrastinate with all of the work handed to students throughout middle and high school and the sheer volume of study can become overwhelming. Sites such as Study Blue can ease the challenge of constant organization as well as aid in the comprehension of content. As long as a student has online access they will have the ability to utilize the fantastic tools offered by Study Blue (READ: “7 Sites to Find Inspiration for Creative Writing”).

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an excellent resource for students who need to work on core subjects or those who need help with test prep or a specialty subject. In contrast to sites like Quizlet and Study Blue, Khan Academy offers lessons that students can use to help them heavily supplement their classroom experience and content comprehension. Students can brush up on algebra or English (and many more) and students in high school and college can look at more advanced subjects such as finance or medicine. Students can track their progress, save their work, and start either at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level depending on their specific needs and goals. Khan Academy is also a great supplemental resource for students who live in remote areas because the lessons are somewhat interactive and highly actionable.

Khan Academy is also a great resource for students to use with their tutors because the lessons are broken up into increments of as little as five minutes or less. Because of the consistent breakdown of information, tutors are able to understand their students’ specific needs and observe them when attempting to solve a problem. Additionally, students can locate extra difficult problems (available to view on the Khan Academy website) and show their tutor which types of problems they struggle with the most and also at which point in a problem they get stuck. Khan Academy is a great collaborative educational tool.

In Short

Whichever online study tool a student chooses, it’s important that they take all the help they can get when it comes to staying organized, preparing for exams, and understanding challenging topics.


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