Scholarships and Financial Aid in Technology Fields

The United States has many students who have excellent grades and SAT scores and who would make a huge difference in their communities and the world at large, but only if they had a chance to attend a four-year university (READ: “5 Awesome SAT Apps“). Unfortunately, college is very expensive and not everyone can afford to attend without assistance. There are several options for students who can’t afford to attend college including government sponsored and private scholarships as well as grants that do not need to be repaid later in life. Students who are in-the-know about scholarships and who have excellent grades will have a better chance at obtaining a post-secondary education.


One – Unmet Need Scholarship Program

This scholarship is part of the Sallie Mae Scholarship Fund. It offers lower income families with money to pay for college. In order to be eligible for this particular scholarship the student must come from a household that makes less than $30,000 per year. The scholarships range from $1,000-$3,000 and should be viewed as a supplemental scholarship. Of course, this scholarship alone will not successfully help a student who needs $16,000 a year to navigate the University of California or the Cal State system. However, this amount of money could pay for food, books, other supplies, and additional fees.

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Two – Gates Millennium Scholarships

Some students will only be able to go to college if they obtain a full-ride scholarship. A full-ride means that any and all tuition and fees are paid through a scholarship or grant, usually straight from the university or through a private philanthropic institution. One such institution is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Students from minority demographics can apply to receive one of 1,000 Millennium Scholarships, all of which include a full-ride from the first day of freshman year through graduation (READ: “Navigating the Basics of the College Application Process“).

Students who wish to apply for the Gates Millennium Scholars Program should apply online before the deadline, which is Wednesday, January 14, 2015.

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Three – The Google Scholarship Program

This scholarship offers financial aid for college students from minority backgrounds. Students who are interested in business or technology careers should consider the Google Scholarship Program as an option.

Google offers the Generation Google Scholarship, which aims to allow lower income students to break into a science or technology field. Students who are selected to participate in this program will receive $10,000 towards a university in the United States. Students who receive this particular scholarship will also attend Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute.

Google also offers a scholarship in the amount of $10,000 for veterans who plan to attend college full-time and study any computer science field or closely related field. In order to be eligible for the scholarship the student must be a current student veteran from either the National Guard, Reserve, or be on active duty and have the appropriate paperwork that puts them in good standing.

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Four – The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

This foundation offers multiple academic scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students in college. In order to qualify, the student must come from a lower income family and also demonstrate a willingness to work hard and achieve in an educational environment. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation starts working with students as early as the eighth grade in order to help them achieve their unique goals. Students who wish to apply for this scholarship may do so between January and March. This foundation will choose as many as 65 students to receive a scholarship (READ: “Financial Aid Options for Study Abroad“).

Students who apply for the College Scholarship Program could receive up to $40,000 per year, which could certainly be considered a full-ride. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation offers several different scholarships including the Young Scholars Program, the College Scholarship Program, and the Undergraduate Transfer Program. Students who wish to apply should make sure they know all of the differences and eligibility criteria prior to applying.

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