Women’s History Month

March is National Women’s History Month. Students who want to stay relevant in the field of women’s history should think about adding a few feminine voices to their studies this month. March can be an inspiration to both female teachers and students alike. Learning about women’s history cannot only broaden a student’s view on women’s contributions but integrate historical feminine figures into their other studies, thus improving their education in general.


1. Test prep

SAT students are consistently struggling with historical examples for their SAT essay – our private Orange County SAT tutors are here to help. Many students come up with highly famous historical figures such as George Washington or Gandhi. Although both very relevant people, SAT graders do not enjoy reading about the same half dozen figures over and over again. Students should increase their historical awareness and be prepared to write about lesser-known, although equally relevant, female figures in history. Students who are about to take the SAT should learn about the biography and contributions of figures such as Jane Addams, Susan B Anthony, Catherine the Great, Amelia Earhart, Maria Montessori and so on. Writing about historical figures that are less common can help a SAT student demonstrate their knowledge of a diverse and in-depth history and potentially raise their essay grade (READ: “Last Minute SAT Study Guide”).

2. Understanding history in general

Students of history (which is every high school student), will notice that they are often tested on pivotal people and events. Student should always remember to learn about famous women in history so that they can become better history students in general. For example, future scientists should know about the achievements of Sally Ride (the first American woman in space and also the youngest American astronaut to go to space) and Rosa Parks (one of our greatest civil rights figures in America).

3. Science and technology

With STEM programs on the rise, it’s important for young female students to know about their famous female scientific predecessors. With more and more STEM jobs available, it’s essential that young students everywhere be aware of how this innovative and lucrative field started. One of our most famous female scientists in history was Marie Curie (the first woman to win a Nobel Prize), but there are many more scientific ladies to learn about. For example students should learn more about: Caroline Herschel, an astronomer, Mary Anning, a paleontologist and scientific illustrator, and Maria Mitchell, a science and math teacher as well as an astronomer (READ: “March Lesson Plans and Supplemental Education Activities”).

4. Women’s Suffrage

Students can also learn about fabulous historical figures such as Alice Paul and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who, among many others, led the women’s suffrage movement in the United States. Every American student should have a grasp of not only the historical figures in the women’s suffrage movement but also the causes of it and the struggles that these now famous ladies faced throughout recent American history. This is important not only for general knowledge but for AP US history students. Knowledge of the women’s civil rights movement is essential to have a well balanced view of American history in general.

In Short

Although the study of our great ladies of history is a fine academic pursuit in and of itself, students are advised that any study of history and our prominent feminine figures can help them better understand a diverse range of subjects ranging from test prep to current scientific theory to sociology and psychology. Students should take a couple of hours this March to learn about some of our greatest historical female figures to improve their knowledge of all subjects.

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