5 Ways to Make After School Learning Social


A lot of younger students begin to dislike schoolwork because it takes them away from socializing with their friends. Many students begin to view studying as something they have to do by themselves while sitting at a desk in their study room and wish they could be outside playing with classmates and neighbors. However, afterschool academics can be a fun and social activity as long as there is enough organization to make sure that ample learning takes place. Kids have a ton of structure in the classroom but may still need to work on a healthy balance between education and socialization during afterschool learning.

1.  Form a neighborhood study group

One thing parents can do is form a neighborhood study group. It’s not necessary for each kid to be working on the same assignment or even be in the same class but just that they have a chance to learn socially. Concepts such as reading comprehension, writing, and mathematics are all universal so kids can work on learning these skills together. They can work with a support specialist or get help from a parent in order to stay organized and progress forward. Even getting kids together to participate in an informal field trip to a local museum or learning center can be a great way to put the social element back into learning.

2.  Participate in community sports activities

Community sports activities offer a great opportunity for kids to be social. Physical education is a type of learning and can teach kids discipline, teamwork, and build their self-esteem when done properly. Kids who participate in a more informal type of sports activity have the opportunity to try new things and see what really serves as a good fit. Students can go to their local family gym and participate in classes in a safe and welcoming environment or they can sign up to be on a local soccer team or take swimming lessons. The important thing is that they get to try something new in a supportive and social environment.

3. Utilize child care that supports academics

Another great way for kids to be social while learning is to attend childcare or afterschool care that really focuses on academics. Some childcare centers will offer kids academic support and give them the opportunity to work with an educator who can help them get started on their homework or even understand difficult concepts that were brought up in the classroom. Childcare centers will always be social because there are lots of kids of all different ages spending time in this environment. It’s important for kids to be able to get along with others of their own age but also to know how to interact with children a few years younger or older.

4.  Learn at an art studio

Afterschool art classes are a fantastic way for kids to socialize in a positive educational environment. Most art studios have group projects or offer a situation in which kids are allowed to interact and talk with each other because it doesn’t disrupt the activity like it might in the classroom environment. Hands-on activities such as ceramics and painting definitely encourage kids to socialize and experience learning with others.

5.  Participate in small group tutoring

When it comes to really difficult and specific academic concepts, it’s best for students to learn one-on-one with a private tutor. However, when kids just need to work on general concepts or stay organized, they can benefit from small group tutoring. Many tutors will come to the home and work with three to five kids at once, allowing students to improve academically but also enjoy time with friends and learn how to work in a group.

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