Coping with college admissions issues: 5 reasons to love your second choice


It’s that time of year already; students are finding out which colleges they were accepted to and which ones they weren’t. Some students will be thrilled about the options they have while others might be a little bit disappointed at first. However, students who will be choosing from a list of their second choice schools have a lot to be excited about. They are likely to be a great fit academically and will have a better chance of handling assignments handed out by professors. Students may have had one-second choice school or a list of several, so it’s important they make the right choice and have a great four-year college experience – our private Los Angeles college admissions consultants have a 97% success rate.

1.  Finding the right fit

The first thing students need to do is take a look at the schools they were accepted to and start to find the right fit. This will include some factors such as choice of major, social opportunities, the living situation, and academic expectations. Students might also look at the teaching staff before they make their final choice. For instance, are they most likely going to be interacting with a TA, a professor, or an adjunct instructor? There’s no perfect school, but there’s a perfect fit for each student (READ: Tips From an Irvine Admissions Consultant: 5 Reasons to Love Your Target School).

2.  The benefits of a target school

Students who choose to attend one of their target schools are quite lucky in that they are going to be academically challenged but not overwhelmed in every aspect of their college experience. The university felt that this particular student was a good fit for their campus and expect them to do well based on their test scores and grades that they’ve already earned in high school. Being academically challenged, but not overcome with stress, is a great thing that can help students enjoy all aspects of their academic career.

3.  Celebrating your new adventure

Some students may have had their heart set on their dream school and, as a result, haven’t really spent a lot of time thinking about the benefits of their target schools. Students might be choosing between three or four schools and should think about the new adventure they get to go on. Are they going to be staying close to home near family and friends? Will they be moving to a new state for the first time in their life? What will they choose for their major field of study and their eventual career? Going on this exciting new adventure is something students should celebrate.

4.  Exploring potential majors

Many students apply to university as an ‘undecided’ major which means they now get to start exploring all of the different possibilities for their future. Students are encouraged to take a variety of classes during their freshman year so they can decide which topics they’re really interested in and which ones they can cross off the list. Additionally, students are encouraged to go over the practical elements of potential choices with an academic counselor. It’s important to know if a student needs a four-year degree or Masters degree to enter a particular field and how much they’re going to be making as a recent grad.

5.  Social life on campus

Another thing students should think about as they make their final college admissions decision is what their social situation will be like once they’re living on campus. Will they be living in a dorm or off campus? What sort of opportunities will they have to join in on social clubs or organizations? Will they want to join a sorority or fraternity once they become a sophomore? There are so many options for students to social network and enjoy a well-rounded college experience, and it’s something they should consider before making their final decision.

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