Tips from an LA Summer Tutor: Five Excellent Last Minute Summer Activities

The last days of summer vacation are here, and kids are getting ready for the transition to go back to the classroom in a couple of weeks. Don’t worry; there’s still time to do a few fun, last-minute summer activities where families can spend time together while doing something educational. Kids can visit a museum or an aquarium to learn about the world around them or spent time in a nature park soaking up the outdoors. Whether kids are at the beach or inside at a summer school program, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy summer! It’s not too late to book your private Los Angeles summer tutor.

1. The Aquarium

Southern California offers visitors multiple locations to view sea life in a replica of their natural environment. Whether taking a day trip up to the Long Beach Aquarium or down to the Birch Aquarium in San Diego, families will enjoy a break from the August heat viewing a myriad of sea life from dolphins to sharks and jellyfish to sea otters. Kids will have an excellent time and may not even realize they are learning about science.

2. An Art Museum

There are several art museums in the Southern California area including the San Diego Museum of Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the J Paul Getty Museum. These day trips are well worth it for families to learn about creativity and art history during a time of year when kids are not distracted by homework assignments and core subjects. Art museums are family friendly and offer special hands-on kids’ exhibits that will keep them engaged and encourage kinesthetic learning.

3. Summer Camp

Many summer camp programs offer a place for kids right up until the day they go back to school in the fall. If a student has not yet had the chance to experience a fun summer camp activity involving arts and crafts, music, or sports, there’s still time for them to enroll in weeklong camps before school starts. Summer school offers kids a chance to socialize with peers as well as enjoy extracurricular activities. Summer camp also offers parents the chance to focus on their schedule and give them a little bit of a break (READ: Irvine Tutoring Tips: Why Summer School is Awesome).

4. Volunteering in the community

Volunteering can be done year round, but most kids are preoccupied with academic activities throughout the school year. Volunteering within the local community gives kids a chance to learn about the world around them, help out, and gain self-esteem by improving their environment. Students can participate in a one-day beach cleanup, volunteer at an animal shelter, or focus on a topic that’s important to them specifically. The nice thing about volunteer commitments is that families have the opportunity to contribute while on their own schedule and most volunteer organizations are happy to work around a student’s school schedule should they decide to continue volunteering throughout the year.

5. Adventures in Reading

Many kids are behind on their summer reading list, but there’s still time to get in some last minute reading before school starts this fall. Kids should choose from the recommended reading list given to them by their teacher at the end of the last school year because the books will be age-appropriate and at the student’s current ability level. Additionally, if there is a particular series of books that a child has expressed interest in they can read about that to work on reading comprehension in general. Reading also helps kids get back into a routine and get them used to learning in a structured environment before they go back to the classroom in a couple of weeks. Any opportunity young kids have to transition back to the classroom environment will make the school year easier and more fun.

Our Los Angeles summer tutors are full of great tips to have your kids ready for school this fall. Call us today to book your private Los Angeles tutor.

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