Tips From an Irvine Test Prep Tutor: “Is the New SAT Similar to the Current ACT?”

Many parents and students are wondering if the new SAT is meant to be more aligned with the current ACT. Although the College Board and ACT, Incorporated will likely have differing opinions, teachers and parents are starting to notice some similarities. This leads students to ask why they need to take both exams if they’re similar (READ: “SAT and AP Exam Survival Guide”).


1. The format

Then new SAT offers a format that is somewhat similar to that of the current ACT. The new 2016 SAT will now have sections that are longer, but there will be fewer sections overall. Additionally, students who take the new SAT will not be penalized for guessing, which is similar to the current ACT.

The new SAT will also have some differences in the format that students should be aware of. The SAT will be scored between 600 and 1600 whereas the ACT has a max score of 36. The ACT averages multiple parts to get one score while the SAT adds three different sections together to determine an overall score.

2. Founding documents

The new SAT will require students to learn about founding documents from United States history such as the Federalist Papers and the Declaration of Independence whereas the current ACT doesn’t require excessive knowledge on these subjects (READ: “Tips From an Irvine SAT Tutor: The Free SAT Study Guide”).

3. The science section

The current ACT contains a science section, otherwise known as ‘how to read charts and graphs’ whereas the new SAT will not contain a science section. Although the new SAT will integrate social science into the reading passages, it should not be confused with the ACT science section. However, the SAT reading section will offer an occasional chart and graph thus students taking either exam should know how to read and understand them.

4. When should a student take both?

Standardized test study takes up a lot of time and can be expensive in many cases. As a result, students and parents want to know why it’s necessary to take both. Of course, students are not required to take both, and a college counselor can best advise students in their specific situation regarding the requirements of a particular set of universities. However, students who take both exams will find out which test they score higher on and have more opportunities for scholarships and admissions. If students don’t want the stress of taking the actual exam, they are encouraged to take an at-home practice test of both the new SAT and the current ACT to see which one they score higher on.

5. Time on the exam

One similarity that students will notice when taking the new SAT is that they have more time allotted for each section, which is similar to the current ECT. However, this does not necessarily mean that a student has more time on each question because there will likely be more questions per section. Students who are unsure which exam to take her Harlene current to take a practice test and consult their tutor as well as their academic advisor at school.

In short

Although students will notice many similarities between the new SAT and the current ECT, they are still two different exams that student should study for separately. Students who study the eggs for the lease exams concurrently may find that they get different information techniques confused and are encouraged to discuss the benefits and drawbacks with their Irvine test prep tutor.

It’s never too early to start studying for the new SAT. Book your Orange County SAT prep tutor today.

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