Tips From a Private Irvine Tutor: 4 Benefits of Making Studying a Social Activity

Many students find that it’s helpful to study in the peace of their room or a library without any distraction. On the other hand, some students find it hard to get started on assignments or test prep without a social element to their studying. There are a lot of benefits of making studying a social activity and students who work together may find that their overall GPA is higher and that they are more capable of tackling those especially challenging assignments.

1. Motivation

There are some subjects that students find especially dry and just aren’t motivated to work on. However, in a social situation, they want to keep up with the crowd and be able to participate to the same extent that their friends are. Many study groups split up different tasks so each student only has to delve into one or two chapters, which they can later present to the group. Sometimes, an especially motivated member of the team will create a study guide for everybody that will help them focus on different things that the teacher pointed out during class. Students are more motivated to succeed in front of friends than they are on their own and often find they are more successful in classes they don’t particularly like.

2. Make studying fun

Students who study as part of an official group or even just with a friend on a more informal basis are more likely to have fun studying and associate learning as something positive. When students are having fun, they are more likely to want to repeat the activity, which will help their grades and test scores overall. Alternately, students who find studying to be a constant chore want to avoid it, which can cause their grades to slip over time. Middle and high school students spend a large part of their day in a classroom and will begin to have increasing amounts of homework that needs to be completed in the afternoon. If they can have fun doing some of this, they will also have more of a work-life balance and enjoy this part of their life.

3. Get specialized help

Students who work with a tutor can also make studying social. Tutors can act as excellent role models who can motivate students to work harder and also pinpoint which topics are especially difficult. When students realize they’re able to improve the quality of their assignments by working on just two or three weak areas, they often become more excited about learning and gain self-confidence in the difficult subject matter. Students who work alone may not receive the same amount of motivation and specialized help that they can get from a one-on-one tutor.

4. Cover all bases

Some students who work solo can remember anything and everything that was assigned to them, while other students perhaps are not so organized. When students work in a group, they have an opportunity to keep each other in check, so each student remembers every single deadline for each class. It is helpful to have several people looking out for each other while staying organized. One student might be especially talented in English and can keep everybody else on track but might need a lot of help in math and rely on somebody else in the group to help them remember important assignments and deadlines.

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