Coping with summer stress: 5 tips to success


School is out, and summer is here; students are thrilled to have a break from school. Oddly enough, summer can be a little bit stressful despite the fact that students don’t have to deal with homework assignments or tests and quizzes. This long stretch of time can be spent many ways, some of which are more enjoyable and productive than others. When students start to stress out about going back to school in the fall or dealing with summer activities they miss out on all of the benefits of rest, which can help them thrive through the next school year – make summer studying less stressful with the help or private Irvine summer tutoring.

1.  Summer camp

Summer camp is a great opportunity for kids to get out of the house and enjoy one of their favorite activities. Perhaps they are enjoying soccer or baseball outside in the sunshine, or maybe they are interested in engineering and technology. Summer camp also allows kids to socialize with others outside of their normal circle and allows parents to do what they need to during the day. Some summer camps even offer a split between academics and extracurricular activities that will help kids get up to grade level while still having fun (READ: Irvine Tutor Tips: Ways to Work on Writing This Summer).

2.  Supplemental education

Although kids might not immediately think of supplemental education when they think of summer, it’s a great time to get caught up or get ahead. During the school year, students have to deal with four different subjects all at once and so that one challenging topic tends to keep them struggling. On the other hand, summer offers an opportunity for students to sit down with a one-on-one tutor in the relaxed environment of their home and conquer their most challenging subject.

3.  College prep

Summer is also a great time for college prep students to organize their applications, study for college entrance exams, and work with a counselor. It’s almost impossible for students to do all of these tasks during the academic year and still have a moment to themselves. Working on this during the summer can eliminate a lot of stress and uncertainty about what the college prep process will entail and which colleges a student has a good shot of being accepted to.

4.  Community service

Another great thing for students to participate in during the summer is community service. If students are too old to attend summer camp but still need a little bit of structure, there are tons of opportunities for them to add to their community and gain some volunteer experience. Kids should research and choose a volunteer activity that interests them personally so they can have a little bit of fun while helping out. Students might volunteer at an animal shelter, a local fundraising event, a beach cleanup and so on.

5.  Go beyond the core subjects

Another way to beat stress this summer is to allow students to explore subjects they don’t get a chance to participate in during the school year. It seems like late August through June is focused on math and English to an intense degree. During the summer students can focus on art, music, sports, social science, history, engineering and so forth. When students get to explore topics, they are interested in they develop and maintain a love of learning that will help them stay curious and ask questions about the world around them. It will also give them a break from the core subjects that, although incredibly important, they will mainly focus on during the year.

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