5 Great Ways To Work On Writing This Summer

Writing is an essential skill, and one of the core subjects students will focus on in school. Although many kids are happy to leave writing in the classroom over the summer, it’s important that they stay focused on this important skill and prepare for what will await  them this fall. There are several ways parents can help kids work on writing over the summer without taking away from their fun in the sun.

1.  A picture is worth 1000 words

Kids love to draw pictures and summer is a great opportunity for kids to spend a little bit of indoor time working on their arts and craft skills. Parents can sneak in a little bit of learning by asking kids to write a few words, although perhaps not 1000, about their picture. They can work on adjectives by describing the subject of their drawing and make their sentences complete with correct punctuation. They might only spend 10 or 15 minutes writing, but this type of review can help kids stay sharp for the fall (READ: 5 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Read).

2. Chapter summaries

Most kids will have a summer reading list from their teacher and will choose a few books to work on. One great way to add in writing skills to this activity is to ask kids to write a chapter summary. They can write a few sentences about what happened in each chapter and which characters were the main focus. This will help kids stay organized and better understand what they’re reading as well as work on important writing skills.

3. Word of the day

Learning new vocabulary is an important part of mastering writing in general. Going through many vocab lists can be cumbersome over the summer but one word a day isn’t so bad. Kids can learn a brand new word Monday through Friday and learn how to use it in a sentence. After a while, their vocabulary will expand, and they will learn how to look up words and use them in a grammatically correct format.

4. Become an author

Kids who are interested in taking on a bigger project can become their very own author. They can create their magazine, short story, or full-length book. Perhaps a student has a favorite superhero or historical legend they want to write about. Maybe they want to do some research and learn about a new topic. Whether kids are writing about fantasy or fact, creating their book is a great way to hone in on writing and editing skills.

5. Poetry

Learning about poetry is another great way for kids to work on their writing skills over the summer. There are tons of different types of poetry from haiku to freeform to traditional rhyming. Kids will have a lot of fun with poetry and can learn about all sorts of different cultures, points in history, and writing styles. Poetry is also a great form of artistic expression and can help kids expand their thought process and be creative.

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