Irvine tutoring tips: 4 ways students can improve study skills this winter


Every student can improve study skills and reorganize at this point in the year. In fact, having great study skills can raise a student’s overall GPA, decrease their frustration, and help them view school as a positive part of their lives. Students will get assignments done quicker, and they’ll have an opportunity to do non-academic things that make their lives balanced at this point in their childhood. Whether students organize on their own or with the help of a private Irvine tutor, winter break is the perfect time of year to get back on track and improve study skills.

1. Organize the backpack

So many students have backpacks full of assignments from previous semesters, materials they don’t need, and half-finished assignments they forget to hand in. A backpack can easily get out of control and end up being a bottomless pit of disorganization. The holiday break is a great opportunity for students to empty out their backpack and start from scratch. Students can go through any previously completed assignments and archive them into folders that stay at home. If they need to look back at those assignments for a cumulative midterm or final, they will still be available, but they won’t be taking up space from day to day. Students should have one folder and one notebook for each subject to keep them separate and they can also have an ‘assignments to do’ and an ‘assignments completed’ folder. This way, students will know just where to look for an assignment that needs to be handed in.

2. Prioritize assignments

Students should also start prioritizing their assignments before starting school again in January. They need to know which assignments are worth a substantial portion of their overall grade and which are worth just 1 or 2 bonus points. A student should not be spending several hours on an extra credit assignment if they have not yet started something worth 20% of their final grade. Students also need to start prioritizing assignments by the due date. Something due tomorrow should be completed before something due next month. If students don’t know where to get started, they should consider working with a study skills tutor (READ: 4 Reasons Why You Need a Tutor In January).

3. Work with a private Irvine tutor

Many students don’t need to work on a particular concept but need help getting organized and becoming more efficient. Tutors can help students cut down the amount of time they spend on busy work and help students keep things organized and easy to remember. Each learner is different and will need a different set of guidelines in order to stay on task, that’s why it’s great to have a one-on-one tutor give a student the individual attention they can’t get anywhere else.

4. Improve concentration

It’s easy for students to get distracted at any age, especially if they are attempting to conquer dry material. One of the best things they can do is work on improving concentration. This will include eliminating distractions such as social media apps, unnecessary noise, and temptations to do something that seems more fun. Homework should be done in a quiet space and students should only be around classmates if they are working legitimately on a group project or as part of a study group. They should not be on social media or texting during homework time because it distracts them from their primary goal. Students will still have plenty of time to socialize once they finish their assignments, something that will happen sooner if they have the appropriate amount of concentration.

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