Tips From an Irvine Private SAT Tutor: A Timeline to the New SAT in June


Students have had a week or so to relax after AP exams. However, students who have opted to take the new SAT on June 4th need to make sure they are ready for that important exam. Although juniors will have another opportunity to take the SAT in the fall, it’s much easier to simply get this test out of the way and achieve a good score the first time around. Of course, this is easier said than done but students can do a few things to prepare for the SAT between now and the June 4th testing date. Hopefully, students will have been working with a study group or tutor to make sure they understand the differences between the old exam and the new version. Regardless of how much studying a student has already completed it’s smart to review before the exam and follow the time-tested test prep strategy between now and the day of the exam.

1. Review the test booklet and online study materials

Whether a student is working on a test booklet or focusing solely on online study materials, it’s important that they review what they’ve been doing in the last few weeks. Students should also go through their personal notes as well as work with their tutor to identify any topics or skills that are still giving them trouble. Review is an important part of preparing for the SAT exam especially if students have stopped their study to have prepared for the AP exams back in mid-May. Math formulas and editing skills should be fresh in students’ minds when they enter the classroom on testing day (READ: Last Minute SAT Study Guide).

2. Schedule a review sessions with an Irvine SAT tutor

If students haven’t worked with their tutor for a while, it’d be a good idea to schedule a couple of review sessions. Most tutors keep notes regarding what each of their students excels in as well as what their weaknesses might be. With all of this studying occurring in the spring, students themselves may have forgotten skills that need to be developed. However, a few hours with a tutor can usually rectify this issue in no time.

3. Work on any weak areas

Every student possesses strengths and weaknesses. Some students excel in math but struggle with grammar while others have an eye for punctuation but may have difficulty reading a chart or graph. Hopefully, students have identified which areas they struggle in over the last several weeks. Now is their last chance (for the June testing date, anyways) to improve. If students have yet to determine their specific weaknesses, they are strongly encouraged to take a practice exam or answer practice questions offered by the College Board to help troubleshoot (READ: 5 Awesome SAT Apps).

4. Don’t forget to review strong areas

While focusing on areas of improvement, many students simply forget to study stronger areas. This can lead to a lot of frustration when students have an answer right on the tip of their tongue but can’t quite remember it. This is often because a student forgot to go over subjects they excel in. If a student hasn’t reviewed their stronger areas in a few weeks, it’s a good idea to do this now.

5. Work on concentration

Students are also encouraged to work on their focus and concentration since they will be sitting in a testing room for several hours. Most people, students or working adults, struggle to sit down and focus on one activity for several hours at a time without taking a substantial break. The short breaks students get during the SAT are only long enough to allow them to stretch and have a sip of water. It’s a great idea to work on this concentration by taking a practice exam in its entirety. This way students will know what to expect the day of the test.

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