Getting into Law School: An Irvine Law School Admissions Consultant Guide to the LSAT


There is a lot to think about when it comes to applying to law school. Students who obtain a JD will have an opportunity for a successful career in many different areas of the field. Applying to, and attending, law school is no joke and applicants should be prepared for extensive study and preparation. Although there are many things required to apply successfully to law school, one thing every student will have to do is take the LSAT. The LSAT will test a student’s ability to be successful in law school as well as their skills in analyzing text, reason, and logic. To gain acceptance to a well-respected university, students should aim to score well above average on the LSAT.

1. What is the LSAT?

Applicants to law school must take the LSAT. The LSAT provides a standard of verbal and reasoning skills that universities can use to determine if an applicant is appropriate for their program. These skills are essential to success in any law program. There are three question types on the LSAT all of which are multiple choice. They include reading comprehension questions, analytical reading questions, and logical reasoning questions. There’s also a writing sample given at the end of the exam that will be sent to the applicant’s chosen schools.

2. What are the sections on the LSAT?

The test has 5, 35-minute multiple choice sections. Four of the sections will count towards the test taker’s overall score. The fifth section, which will be unknown to the student, is an experimental section (remember the SAT experimental section?). There is also a 35-minute unscored writing sample. LSAT scores can range between 120 and 180.

3. How difficult is the LSAT?

Law school is challenging, and so is the LSAT. Students should be prepared to analyze extensively different situations and think logically at an advanced level. Test takers will also need superior written communication and reading comprehension skills. Students who have been out of school for a while will need to brush up on any of the skills they haven’t been using on a daily basis. Although each student is unique, almost every LSAT prep student will attest to the difficulty of the exam.

4. Information for mature students

Students who have taken a break between their undergraduate degree and law school will need to think about several aspects of the application process. If possible, they should speak with an advisor at the university where they received their Bachelor’s. Students who took the LSAT several years ago will probably need to take the exam again as test scores expire after about five years. Additionally, students who will not be able to attend full-time due to family or work obligations should consider which schools can offer them a part-time program or work-study option. Going back to school can be a big change and organization can help students gear up for graduate studies (READ: “7 Tips for Studying While Traveling”).

5. More about law school

Students considering law school should speak with an advisor at their undergraduate program and get information about the entire process. Students should be prepared for an arduous and detailed journey once they are accepted to a law program so it’s important they understand the amount of work that will need to be completed. Students will need to compile numerous paperwork in addition to their LSAT scores, including letters of recommendation from professors and official transcripts. Students will also need to pay for their schooling and are encouraged to look into a number of federal, private, and work-study program. Students should also think about the campus environment of schools they apply to. They will need all of their concentration for their studies and so should feel comfortable in the place they will be living and working.


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