Irvine College Tutoring Tips: 5 Ways to Keep Social and Study Time Separate in College this Fall


Some students will be attending their local state university with several of their friends from high school. Although this can make adjusting to the social situation of college life easier, it’s important to separate friendship from academic activities. Additionally, students who travel out of state will probably make fast friends with classmates they have something in common with. In this case, it’s also important to think about the importance of education and how to make it a priority without losing valuable social connections. One of the best ways to do this is just to keep socialization and study time separate but, of course, this is easier said than done – start the year off right with the help of private Irvine college tutoring from TutorNerds.

1. Group projects

Group projects can be difficult because they usually include working with people with varying abilities and motivation and can be somewhat stressful. For the most part, it’s best to avoid working with good friends during a group project. If somebody isn’t holding up their end of the assignment, it can be easy just to let it slide because they’re a friend. However, this can result in a lower grade overall. Additionally, professors often grade group projects in part on how well people can get along. The professor wants to see that students can get along with anybody in the class, not just their good friends.

2. The living situation

Dorm life is separate from academics, so there isn’t any problem rooming with friends. This is a chance for students to be able to enjoy the social aspect of college and get a little bit of rest and relaxation. However, if students need to study, they may become distracted by their friends, so it’s good to have a separate place to study solo when the dorm gets too crowded. Libraries are open most of the day and most student living facilities have at least one common room where students can go to work on assignments (READ: 4 Signs It’s Time to Study Solo).

3. Choosing classes

In high school, many people choose their elective classes based on whatever their best friends are taking. In college, this can land people in a bad situation. It’s critical for students to take electives they think will help them prepare for their career or explore potential major fields of study. If none of a student’s friends are going to be in their class, they’re encouraged to look at it as an opportunity to meet new friends and social network with people in their field.

4. Multiple study groups

Study groups are a great help when it comes to getting tough university level assignments completed. There’s no reason why students can’t be members of multiple study groups. Perhaps they study with a few super smart classmates so they can ace their chemistry midterm and then meet up with some good friends and work on separate assignments at the student coffee shop. At the end of the day, it’s important to study with motivated and successful peers, whether or not they happen to be good friends (READ: 4 Tips to Survive Your Final Exam Study Group).

5. Time away from campus

If new college students start to feel like they’re putting a ton of effort towards academics and don’t have any friends in their classes, it’s important they set aside some time away from campus to socialize. Although the primary purpose of college is to learn and prepare for a career, it’s also important to just sit back and relax once in awhile. Students can get together with friends and grab a bite to eat on Friday evening or go to the beach on Sunday afternoon. Spending a little bit of time off campus can help give students perspective and allow them to have a well balanced overall college experience.

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