Tips from a Private Irvine College Tutor: 5 Ways to Boost your College GPA

Many college students want to boost their GPA for one reason or another. Perhaps they will be applying to graduate school, an internship that is focused on student transcripts, or going into a profession that requires high grades and test scores. There are several ways students can get back their competitive edge and raise their GPA, although some options are more effective than others. There are a few classes where students can earn a so-called ‘easy A,’ but they won’t always be as meaningful as courses within a student’s major or related to their potential career path. Depending on the student’s individual needs, there are a few things they can do to boost that GPA – for more tips, consult your private Irvine college tutor from TutorNerds.


1. Take more courses within your major

Students generally have a talent within their major; otherwise they will have switched to something else. As a result, students who take their extra units within their major field of study are more likely to excel. Although undergrad school is a good time to explore different courses, students who need to raise their GPA may have better luck sticking within their major. This not only helps a student’s overall GPA but gives them more experience in their potential career field. This can demonstrate a true love of that subject matter to potential grad schools if students are looking to further their education.

2. Take a course you know you will excel in

Many students have a talent that lies outside of their major field of study. Perhaps a future engineer has a good ear for music or perhaps a biology major is good at crunching numbers. If students are taking courses outside their major, they should consider something they know they have a talent in. Someone who got straight A’s in math classes in high school might consider taking an extra math class or two. Students who are unsure where their talents lie are encouraged to visit an academic counselor who can take a look at past transcripts and help them figure it out (READ: “5 signs you need a math tutor in college”).

3. Take a course over the summer

Sometimes students don’t perform as well during the academic year because they are overwhelmed with a full class load as well as other obligations such as a part time job. If a student needs to take a difficult class, or retake it, they should consider summer school. Although summer school classes move quicker and are more intense, most students will have the opportunity to simply concentrate on that one single course. Without the distraction of multiple other subjects, students have a better chance of getting an A or B.

4. Take a few elective units

Students can also sign up for a few elective units that have nothing to do with their major. College is a time for academic experimentation so one or two elective units shouldn’t hurt. These can be physical education classes, study skills courses, or just something the student has an interest in. Although these courses probably won’t be impressive to graduate schools, they can help raise a student’s GPA to get them to the point where they can at least apply. Additionally, students who take a course that might be different from their intended career field have the opportunity to meet new people and experience something out of their comfort zone and daily routine (READ: “5 Things you might not expect from a college final”).

5. Get rid of any grades below a C

One thing that can really kill a GPA is any course that a student received a D or F in. Students should visit an academic counselor to review their options. Many universities will allow a student to retake the exact same course and either replace their F with their new grade or average the two grades together. However, each school is different so students are encouraged to confirm any information before taking the class over. If students are currently enrolled in a class where they are looking at a failing grade, they can talk to the professor and determine their chances of passing with a C or better. It may be time to consider taking a W (withdraw) on their transcript rather than risk an F.

The best way to improve your GPA is with the help of an Irvine private college tutor. Our experienced college tutors are only a phone call away.

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