Tips from a Private Irvine ACT Tutor: New PreACT Test Announced

The makers of the ACT have announced that there will now be a pre-testing system available to 10th graders. Many students take the ACT in the 11th grade only to find that they weren’t prepared and have not achieved the score they need to apply to their dream school – it’s never too early to book your private Irvine ACT tutor from TutorNerds. There is now a PreACT that is administered a year earlier, allowing students to change their study habits and focus with enough time to meet their collegiate goals. Additionally, Educators have been told that the PreACT is shorter than the ACT, so students don’t have to spend an entire day in the testing room. So what does this mean for current high school students and their parents?


1. Planning ahead

Although many students and parents feel there are already enough standardized exams, taking a shortened version of the ACT designed for a 10th grader can help families plan ahead. 10th grade is a transitional year where students will have to begin to pick an academic path even though they are still an underclassman. If a student does well on the exam, it’s a nice breather for them. Additionally, their parents should know that things are going well, and the student is reaching their target. On the other hand, a student who performs poorly on the test, either due to lack of knowledge or lack of study habits, will have plenty of time to make some changes before college applications (READ: “5 things to do over spring break with no hassle”).

2. Picking the right exam

Students have the option to choose between the ACT, SAT, or both. Although a few universities do have a preference, at this point it’s mostly up to the student. Now that the PreACT is available, students will be able to make their choice earlier and get an idea about which test best aligns with their skill set. More test prep options equate to more flexibility when applying to college and allows students to fit the test to their talents and experience.

3. Focusing on improvement

The 10th grade is a transitional time where many students are dealing with growing up, meeting academic benchmarks, and socialization. The first two years of high school are pretty overwhelming, and many students start to get really it together academically when they are already well into their college prep years. If students know that, for example, they are on target with math but need a lot of help with their reading comprehension skills, they have plenty of time to focus on those elements before sending out college applications (READ: “ACT Tips From a Private Irvine Tutor”).

4. Identifying a natural skill set

Most students have a talent in either math or English.  A few are talented in both. It’s a good idea to identify where a student’s natural skills are because they may have changed since elementary and middle school. Some kids who loved to read when they were eight will struggle with it when they start reading complex novels and texts. Others may have superior math skills up to a point and then need a little bit of extra help. Pre-tests can help students identify and work on these issues.

5. College prep and applications

The 11th and 12th grades now essentially serve as the college prep years. Students decide before they enter the 11th grade if they will be taking AP courses, and start thinking about what universities they are interested in. One of the elements of college prep, in general, is to learn how to take standardized exams successfully. This means learning test prep in addition to understanding the actual material. Pre-testing allows students to have this information a year earlier.

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