Tips From an Irvine English Tutor: Five ways kids can improve their writing skills this summer

Summer is in full swing and kids are enjoying some time outside of the classroom. English and writing are probably two of the farthest things from their mind, but kids can benefit from improving their core subjects over the summer. Writing is one of the essential skills that kids will use throughout their education as well as in any career field they might choose. Written communication helps students express themselves creatively, get a clear point across to a classmate or teacher, and persuade the reader to agree with their point of view. Whether a young learner needs to catch up to grade level or wants to excel beyond their current capabilities, there are some great ways students can improve their writing skills over the summer – our in-home Irvine English tutors are here to improve your kid’s writing skills this summer.

1. Create a publication

Creative students enjoy creating their very own publication based on their current interests and curiosities. Perhaps they’re going to write a magazine about monster trucks or a book about every species of bird living in their home state. It doesn’t matter what kids write about but simply that they write. Kids can write a first and second draft, create pictures to go with their writing, ask parents or friends to read their publication, and increased their love of learning. When students write for fun, they’re more likely to enjoy the practical applications of the written word and want to pursue this intellectual task in the future.

2.  Write summaries

Most students have a reading list for the summer. One great way for students to get in a bit of writing practice is to write a summary after each chapter. They can discuss any growth or conflict the main characters had in that chapter, talk about important plot points, and ask questions about things they didn’t quite grasp. It’s important for students to go beyond the basic summary so they can expand their knowledge and make predictions about what will happen in the rest of the book.

3.  Work with a one-on-one tutor

Another great way for kids to increase their writing skills over the summer is to work with a one-on-one tutor. Many students excel in certain areas of writing but need some help with the basic mechanics. Lacking these skills can hold students back from communicating to their full ability and enjoying writing in general. When kids work with a one-on-one tutor in their home, they can focus only on what they need to improve and advance their skills quickly, moving on to other summer activities (READ: 5 Reasons to Hire a Los Angeles Summer Tutor).

4.  Expand vocabulary

A sure fire way to improve general writing skills is to expand a student’s vocabulary. Countless students will write reports or assignments using the same word over and over again. This becomes distracting to the reader and also stops the writer from producing effective communication. When students have a broad vocabulary they can be descriptive using varied language, keep the reader interested and start to attach emotional meaning to different words that are most appropriate for specific situations.

5.  Read for fun

Students who read tend to be better writers because the two subjects are directly connected. During the school year, students have myriad mandatory assignments, but the summer offers a unique opportunity for students to read about topics they love. Reading for fun increases the student’s ability to comprehend language as well as use it to express ideas. As long as students are reading books or articles at their current level, they should have a chance to choose what they want to read about. It’s not important if they read about something specific but simply that their reading skills improve consistently and that they continue to love reading rather than viewing it as a chore.

Summer is the perfect time of the year for your kid’s to improve their writing skills. Call us today and we will match you with an experienced Irvine English tutor from TutorNerds.

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