4 Ways to Organize Summer Session AP Assignments


Students who are taking their first advanced placement course in the fall will discover that there are several assignments due on the very first day of class. This can be an unpleasant surprise for students who thought they would not be doing any academics over the summer. One of the best ways students can get through these assignments is to be highly organized. It’s important that students don’t leave these assignments to the last minute, but they also don’t want to spend their whole summer working on something that should only take a couple weeks – our private Orange County AP tutors are here to help.

1. Obtain the syllabus or assignment sheet

Some AP teachers will hand out a syllabus for the first semester or the first few weeks of class in the fall. Others will simply provide an assignment sheet and let students know what to do on the first day. the first thing students should do is analyze the assignment sheet to determine how much time they will need to work on assignments over the summer and also figure out how intense the class will be. One great tip that students can take is to finish all assignments before school starts even if they’re due the first or second week of school. For instance, a teacher might assign a book that doesn’t have to be completed until the second or third class period. But, realistically, students won’t have time to fit that in when they’re dealing with the first day of every single class. They should also look at which assignments need to be completed early on and which can be completed towards the end of the summer.

2. Start reading

If students are in literature or other reading intensive course, they will likely be assigned a novel or two to read over the summer as well as several chapters in a textbook. Students should start doing this almost right away because it can take a substantial period of time to get through it. Additionally, students will want to actively read, meaning they take notes and ask questions about the material as they go along rather than speed read or skim through the material at the end of the summer. Taking notes ahead of time will help students participate in class as well as help them remember to ask questions about elements of the material they didn’t understand.

3. Start tutoring early

If a student is planning to work with a one-on-one tutor throughout the school year, they are encouraged to meet with him or her over the summer so they can look at the syllabus and assignment sheet together. The tutor can suggest how much time might be necessary to work each week and can help the student develop efficient study skills appropriate to an AP class before the first day. This means that if they hit the ground running with difficult assignments in week one, something that happens more often than not, the student will be well prepared.

4. Start a study group

It can be challenging to get through all of the assignments required in an AP course when working solo. It’s a great idea to talk with some motivated piers before the start of fall semester and arrange a study group. During the summer, students can meet and talk about the novel or textbook chapters that they’re covering and start to determine each person’s strengths and weaknesses, so they can help each other out when appropriate. It’s also a chance to get to know some new friends and stay organized over the summer.

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