4 things high school students should consider when choosing an elective class


It’s about time for students to choose elective courses for their second semester and they should take some time to consider the best choice. Most students think about which schedule will be the easiest or which class might be more entertaining than another. However, students can also consider the specifics of a certain course and how it might benefit their future. They may even want to talk with the teacher to learn about the syllabus or the overall learning objectives in any particular course. There are lots of things to think about when it comes to picking an elective and students should consider possible career choices and college applications in addition to personal interests.

1. Discovering new subjects

And the elective course is an opportunity for students to discover new things and learn about subjects that they previously didn’t know about. A student may have always had an interest in creativity and art or wanted to learn better computer skills, for example. Alternatively, they may have had an interest in science and engineering or wanted to play sports. Elective courses provide the perfect opportunity for a student to discover something new without making a long-term commitment. It also lets students sample different topics over time (READ: 4 Reasons to Hire a Private Orange County Tutor Before the End of the Semester).

2. College applications

Students might also consider their college applications when deciding on an elective class. For instance, if a student is thinking of majoring in engineering, they will benefit from being involved with the STEM program at school. If a student is considering a small liberal arts college, they might want to explore creative writing or a drawing and painting class. Elective classes support a student’s decision to pursue a certain field or career opportunity in the future.

3. Personal interests

For most of the school day, students don’t have any choice what they will study or learn about, and this can lead to higher stress levels and a diminished love of learning in general. However, if students get to pursue their interests and hobbies as part of their elective courses, they’re more likely to enjoy a well-rounded education and be enthusiastic about mandatory courses. If a student has always loved to draw they may enjoy taking an art class for every single elective option or if they are a sports fanatic they might prefer to be involved with afterschool sports on a regular basis. It’s essential for students to be able to pursue their interests and play a part in their learning, so they gain a well-rounded education and are prepared to specialize in the field of their choice once they reach college.

4. Career options

Elective courses also provide students with an opportunity to explore potential career options and discover their talents. Although high school students still have a lot of time to figure out what they want to do for the next 40 years, it’s beneficial to try out a few things and gain some perspective regarding personal ability and interest. When students try a sampling of different elective courses, they will get a feel for what they’re good at and what they might need to work on. This can help them either eliminate a potential career field or start to narrow down their choices to something they are truly talented in. Students can change their mind several times or end up with multiple opportunities in different career fields.

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