Tips From a Fullerton Math Tutor: 4 Ways to Help Students Feel Great About Math

Many students struggle with core subjects such as math. It’s very normal because math is a tough subject and concepts build upon one another constantly so if the student becomes confused at one point in the process anything after that will be harder. Many students also become stressed out over academic subjects and try to avoid doing them, inadvertently making the situation worse. It’s important for students to overcome their issues with numbers so they can be successful and also open the door to any number of career fields that involve calculations.

1. De-stress the environment

Many students get stressed out over math because the concepts are introduced too quickly or because there are too many steps to a particular problem. One of the best ways for students to tackle this is to de-stress the study environment, so they enjoy learning about numbers and calculations. Students can talk to their teacher about extending deadlines or work with a tutor who will explain tough concepts. Students should also sit down to complete math homework when they’re not distracted by other assignments and when their minds are energized so they can focus on the difficult task at hand – our private Fullerton math tutors are her to help.

2. Get extra help

Many students are talented at math but just need a little bit of extra time to learn the concepts and formulas. Many students who work with a private tutor learn to work around their weaknesses and become stronger math students over time. Students can work with a tutor every week to stay on track, or they can just get help studying for midterms and finals to avoid unnecessary anxiety. Additionally, when students work with a one-on-one tutor in the comfort of their home, they have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify information they may not be comfortable asking in the classroom (READ: 5 Fun Projects to Get Your Kids Interested in Math).

3. Take it one step at a time

Many calculations have multiple steps, which becomes overwhelming very quickly. If a challenging calculation has ten steps until the problem is completed the student may feel that it’s too much for them to handle but if they take the steps one at a time, it’s just ten one-step math problems. Once students figure this out, they’re often less nervous about math assignments and quizzes. Of course, multiple-step problems take a lot of patience and students will need to give 100% of their concentration to the exam or assignment but they should be able to improve significantly over time.

4. Receive positive feedback

When students are struggling with a tough subject like math they often hear negative comments about their abilities left and right. This can lower a student’s self-esteem and make them want to avoid math forever. It’s essential for students to know that they’re doing well in certain areas of math and that they are improving. Students should be told positive things about the problems they consistently get right and should be praised for their efforts even if they don’t see immediate improvement. If a math student has dedicated two hours a week to work with a tutor or 30 minutes a day to practice memorizing formulas, they’re making a huge commitment to their education and should be reminded that they have a great work ethic and their efforts are paying off in one way or another.

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