Tips From a Fullerton Tutor: 4 Reasons to Join an After-School Activity in High School


High school students often feel overwhelmed with the number of activities they’re required to do to gain admission into a good university. Once students start their sophomore year they may be taking an advanced placement course and, by junior year, they will be studying for the SAT or ACT. Many students also work with a tutor or hold a part-time job to save money for college. At this point, it seems like there’s no time left and many students forget about joining after-school activities. However, voluntary after-school clubs can provide high school students with camaraderie, personal motivation, and support from their peers and teachers. Additionally, students can choose which club or organization they want to join, giving them control over their schedule and activities – just because it’s early in the semester doesn’t mean you shouldn’t book your private Fullerton tutor.

1. Pursuing personal interests

One of the best reasons to join an after-school club is to pursue a personal interest. For the most part, high school students don’t get to choose what they study or how long they study it for but after school activities give them an opportunity to make their own choices. It’s important for students to have an opportunity to make decisions at this age because, once in college, they’ll have to make all their own decisions. A good education allows students the option to learn about something they are especially interested in above and beyond classroom assignments. An organized school club also gives students a chance to learn from a teacher who has a special interest in their subject.

2. College applications

Another benefit of being part of an after-school activity is to be able to put something on a student’s college applications that show they’re especially interested in their declared major or education in general. College admissions departments don’t expect high school students to know what they want to do for their career at this point in their life, but they do expect that students have a personal interest in one thing or another. Having even one consistent after-school activity can help a student’s resume stand out.

3. Making friends

High school is a lot easier if students have a good group of friends with strong academic goals. One of the best places to make these types of friends is in an after-school activity. In the classroom, many students are completely focused on the task at hand and don’t have an opportunity to socialize. After-school activities have a more relaxed environment and allow students to interact with each other and get to know more people than are in their classes during the day. Having an opportunity to socialize is important at this point in life because positive relationships encourage students to stay on track and reach their goals.

4. Potential career choices

Belonging to an after-school club will also help students develop an interest in potential career fields. Students will learn where their natural strengths and weaknesses lie and figure out what they might be interested in pursuing as a career. In some cases, students don’t enjoy the club or activity as much as they thought but this is a positive thing because it helps them eliminate potential major fields of study, eventually leading them to the right choice.

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