Four Reasons to get a Private Irvine Back-to-School Tutor

Kids are going back to school this week and discovering all of the interesting things they will get to learn about throughout the academic year. Many subjects will pique a student’s interest while others may simply be a review. Every student will have at least one subject that’s a little more challenging than the rest, and it can be tough to get organized after having two months in the fresh air and sunshine. A great way to help students get ready for the semester ahead is to hire an Irvine tutor to help treat the back-to-school blues.

1. Organization

Everyone, regardless of age, needs help organizing from time to time. But, younger students need more help staying on track because they’re still figuring out what type of organizational system works for them as an individual. Tutors are great at helping students figure out what tools they need to remember all of their assignments, avoid getting overwhelmed, and staying on top of their GPA. Having just a few sessions at the beginning of the school year can save students from an entire semester of late night study sessions and last-minute assignments (READ: Help Your Teen Adjust to Fall Semester).

2. A study group

Many high school students now hire a tutor to lead their study group for advanced placement classes or test prep. Small group tutors can get to know each member of the study group and work with them on their strengths and weaknesses while, at the same time, helping the group move in the right direction. It can be difficult for any student to figure out what they need to focus on in an AP course or when studying for college entrance exams thus working with a tutor is a great way to be encouraged and supported by peers while also getting the expert advice of an educator.

3. Work on a challenging subject

Most students have one or two topics that give them some trouble from time to time. For the majority of students, the difficult subject is either math or English, but they might need help with any particular subject. When students tackle these difficult topics early on, they have a better chance of staying at grade level and feeling confident about their ability. When it comes to challenging subject matter, it’s better to work with a tutor early on rather than wait for the student to fall far behind and be stressed out for the rest of the school year. Working with a tutor even one hour a week can easily make the difference between success and stress.

4. College prep

Students in 10th through 12th grade have the extra challenge of getting ready to apply to college. These days it seems like college prep is so time-consuming that’s it essentially becomes its subject but students have to learn about it outside of the classroom. It’s a very good idea for students to work with a college counselor to figure out what stuff they need to go through to successfully apply to college and a tutor can help keep them on track. Students may need help brainstorming to come up with ideas for a personal statement, they may need general organizational help, they might need help studying for SAT or ACT exams, or they might need assistance juggling college prep with other academic subjects. Tutors are a great help when it comes to working on these applications but still doing well in the classroom environment.

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