Prevent Senioritis With These Note-Taking Apps

Now that the holidays are over and it’s time to go back to school, we also need to get reorganized. The days of going to your local office supply store to purchase 3 x 5 cards is rapidly dwindling; today’s students are using flash card apps to keep organized and prepare for tests and assignments. Because most of us are a little bit broke after the holidays, all of these apps are entirely, 100% free.


1. Flashcards +

Flashcards+ is a simple yet effective electronic version of the old-fashioned 3 x 5 cards. It allows students to organize their “decks” of cards into various subjects such as SAT, foreign Language, and math.

2. Study Blue

Study Blue can help keep students organized, allows for visual imagery to be stored in the program and is one of the more popular apps among students. It also has the capability to set up a quiz, a review sheet, and to shuffle the cards to help students quiz themselves.

3. Flashcards Study Helper

This program allows students all the basic capabilities of most flash card apps, including organization and color-coding. Color-coding is one of the best options for a visual learner.

4. Notecards

This app allows students to shuffle cards as well as organize their studies by either starting small or practicing the terms & phrases that they consistently get wrong. It also helps students track their study sessions by giving them an average, best, worst, and overall percentage score. This is especially helpful as it gives students an idea of how they’re likely to perform on their exams. For example, if their average/overall is around 80%, it’ll be a good indicator of what they are going to receive on the real exam (READ: “5 Awesome SAT Apps“).

Note taking Apps

In addition to making study cards to prepare for quizzes and exams, it’s also important for students to take notes in all of their classes so that they’re able to determine which information is important for upcoming assignments. Students can try out these three note-taking apps in order to help them stay organized for the remainder of the school year.

1. Wunderlist 2

Wunderlist 2 is a basic to-do list where users can add an item, flag important items, and create appointment reminders. This can be used for anything from organizing a dentist appointment to remembering to call a relative to studying for a specific subject. It’s basically an old-fashioned to-do list/calendar imported into a mobile phone.

2. Google Docs

This is one of the most popular and utilized free apps on both mobile devices and laptops. The main advantage of using Google Docs is that students can share documents with classmates, teachers, or tutors and choose who can edit the document and who cannot. This is a great tool for students who are in a study group and are not able to meet in person because it allows them to, essentially, all be in the same room at the same time. It’s also a great tool for remote tutoring as both tutor and student can view the same document in real time.

3. Penultimate

This is a note-taking app that would suit students who prefer to have a pen and ink experience. Students will actually write with a “pen” and the app will translate the handwriting to a smoother format. It’s a great app for students who need to draw pictures or make charts and graphs that they can quickly store and later refer to. Penultimate is essentially the technological age version of a pen and paper. The advantage of being able to create pictures applies to students in the arts, graphic design, earth science, or any other subject in which pictorial language is important.

Regardless of which app or apps a student chooses for organization, it’s important to stay on track from January all the way through to the middle of June – our Orange County academic tutors are here to help you get organized. For students who are either seniors in high school or college this year, it can be very tempting to veer away from study, so it’s recommended to use some sort of organizational tool in order to stay on track and prevent senioritis.

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