Tips from an Orange County Test Prep Tutor: Five ways to prep for the ACT this fall


Students taking the ACT exam this fall are, hopefully, well on their way to preparing for the big day. There are lots of things students can do even if they didn’t have a chance to prep over the summer. Whether a student is working with a tutor in order to determine their personal strengths and weaknesses, working on concentration so they can finish the test within the time allotted, or just trying to fit in test prep with their other academic classes there are some important things a student can do to get ready for the ACT this fall – it’s not too early or too late to book your experienced Orange County ACT tutor.

1. Get organized

The best thing test prep students can do to get ready for the ACT in the next couple months is to get organized ahead of time. When students wait to study for the exam until it’s only a couple weeks away they discover they don’t have enough time to tackle everything they need to. This creates a lot of stress and results in lower overall scores. Students who prep ahead of time, on the other hand, have a chance to figure out what their need to work on and leave plenty of time to make any necessary improvements.

2. Personal strengths and weaknesses

Many students follow a study guide that’s standardized, meaning it doesn’t account for individual strengths and weaknesses that every student has. It’s essential for test prep students to determine what their strengths and weaknesses are so they can improve only what they need to and simply review topics they excel in. Students who cover every single topic to the same degree often become overwhelmed and don’t have enough mental energy to focus on what they need to.

3. Work with an expert

It’s also a great idea for ACT students to work with an expert in test prep. Whether they’re working with a one-on-one tutor or taking a class, it’s essential to have the right guidance from somebody familiar with every aspect of the exam. Test prep professionals can help students pinpoint what they need to work on, set out a study plan based on how many weeks the student has to prepare and help keep students on track when their attention veers elsewhere.

4. Work on concentration

The ACT only allows a certain amount of time on each section, so students are encouraged to focus heavily on improving concentration. Many test prep students do well and receive a high score if they’re given unlimited time to complete the exam. Unfortunately, students who don’t finish the exam on time will see many points deducted from their overall score. With time and practice, students can increase their speed and accuracy to finish all of the questions within the time allotted.

5. Read in between the lines

One of the best things test prep students can do is learn to read in between the lines when looking at an ACT question. Many of the questions will have unnecessary information put there to distract the student from what they are looking for. Students should learn how to locate this information and cross it out straight away. It’s also essential for students to determine what the question is asking, especially on the math portion. Many students think they have the right answer only to find out that the question was asking for something else. Many students gain a lot of points up front just by learning to pay close attention when reading questions.

Taking the ACT this fall? Score high with the help of an experienced Orange County ACT tutor. Call us today for more information.

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