Five educational activities for your kid this summer


Summer is a great opportunity for kids to work on fun, hands-on educational projects that they don’t have a chance to complete during the school year. Many kids think of education as simply working on English and math assignments in the classroom, but there’s so much more to a well-rounded education. Kids who complete fun summer projects will be more motivated to learn and discover the world around them and be creative in general. Parents can also tailor such projects to meet their kids’ specific interests – book your private San Diego summer tutor today.

1.  Lego creations

Kids can do tons of fun things with Legos without even knowing that they’re learning. Although it just seems like a fun building project, kids can actually learn about structural engineering by creating a building, bridge, or any other creation that can stand up without falling. Kids can follow directions on the box or just start from scratch and learn from trial and error. Kids who like Legos can be entertained for hours and actually learn some valuable educational lessons by figuring out what they need to do to get their creation to defy gravity.

2.  A science project

There are tons of science projects parents can do with their kids this summer. Whether kids are collecting soil samples to determine what type of vegetables to grow in the back garden, dipping pennies in vinegar to see if they become clean and shiny once again, or creating a papier-mâché volcano and filling it with a baking soda mixture, science projects are hands-on, encourage tactile-based learning, teach teamwork, and help kids really think about how the world around them really works.

3.  Arts and crafts

Creativity is part of any good education and there are tons of great arts and crafts projects out there for kids to experience this summer. Kids can learn how to draw a self-portrait simply using a handheld mirror, pencil, and paper or they might learn to mix up every color of the rainbow with their paint set. Whether kids are at the beginning level experiencing art for the first time or highly experienced and sophisticated art masters, there’s plenty of creativity to be had during the summer months (READ: 10 Reasons You Need an Orange County Summer Tutor).

4.  A museum visit

One of the best things parents can do with their kids over the summer is take a break from the heat and visit a museum as part of a summertime field trip. Kids will have a chance to learn about something that peaks their interest, engage in a hands-on experience, and spend the day outside of the house. Southern California offers myriad museums for all age groups and interests so there’s plenty of time to visit several types of museums that explore everything from natural history, art history, aquatic life, starts & planets, and more.

5.  Discovering the Outdoors

During the school year kids spend a lot of time indoors, and so they should take advantage of the outdoor environment during the summer. Although it might just seem like a walk in the park, spending time in nature can teach kids a lot about the world around them. They can learn about different species of flora and fauna, learn which plants are water resistant, which animals live in the local environment, and the importance of open space in any community. Exploring a nature park or preserve also offers some valuable family time where everybody can enjoy the outdoors together.

In addition to these educational activities for your kid, an in-home San Diego summer tutor is the perfect way to keep your kid sharp over break. Call us today and ask about our summer discounts.

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