Guest Post: The Best Way to Ask For A Letter Of Recommendation

Many students feel confused and nervous when they need recommendation letters. Most of the time, the confusion is about deciding from whom to take recommendation, and the nervousness is about how to ask them for writing a helpful recommendation letter. Writing a letter of recommendation is not an easy task especially if you are asking a favor from somebody who does not really know you too well. So, make your decision for getting a letter of recommendation wisely.

irvine-admissions-consultantSometimes, students do not have enough knowledge about recommendation letters and they feel lost when they come to know that they are required to get one. If you are a student and feel clueless about this task, following are a few tips that will help you decide how to ask for a letter of recommendation from your teacher or professor.

Ask The Right Person

There are plenty of teachers and professors who taught you over the years in college, but there are only going to be a few teachers who recognize your particular talents. For instance, your math teacher would have no idea about your performance in chemistry class and your chemistry teacher would not know how good or bad you are at math. If you want to pursue a career in any particular subject, try to get a letter of recommendation from the professor of that particular subject.

Be An Early Bird

Writing a letter of recommendation may take some time. So, it is better to never wait till the last moment when you are required to have one. Be early in deciding from whom you are going to ask for a letter and do it as soon as possible. Your teacher or professor may not have enough time at the end of the semester as they will get many other applications for the same letter as well. Make sure to give your instructor plenty of time to think about your performance and write the letter accordingly without any pressure of time running out. If you are worried that your teacher might forget about your letter as the deadline approaches, you can always send them a friendly message reminding them about your deadline.

Ask In Person

You might consider sending an e-mail for recommendation letter to be convenient and time-saving but it is not a very good idea. Leaving a voice message or an e-mail might convey the impression that you do not consider the recommendation letter important. Talking to the instructor or the teacher personally will make them feel that you mean business, and you will be able to convince them about how serious you are about getting a good recommendation letter.

Don’t Claim Your Right To Read

According to surveys, confidential letters are much more in value than those that are not. Being an applicant, you have a right to read the letter before you submit it. But, certain application forms come with an additional form in which you can waive off your right of reading it. It is highly recommended to waive off this right and make the receiver of your application feel that the letter has been written candidly.

Provide The Materials

It is best to provide your teacher with the stamped envelopes and other material along with the guidelines regarding how many letters you need and exactly when do you need them. Also, ask them to sign the flap of the stamped envelope after placing the letter in it to ensure the confidentiality of the letter.

Say Thank You

Last but not the least, writing a recommendation letter is a difficult task. It might not be the only thing that will get you admission somewhere but it is indeed an important letter. So, be sure to thank your teacher for writing a letter of recommendation for you.

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