Best Libraries in South Orange County: Study in Peace and Quiet

Many students prefer to study in the comfort of their own home – with the help of their Orange County academic tutors – but, at times, it is nice to have the opportunity to step away from the home environment and enjoy the focused environment of a library. Libraries offer a distraction and noise free zone and can encourage students to get their assignments done faster and more efficiently. Libraries also offer a break from the intermittent grinding noise found in coffee shops and libraries won’t kick you out if you don’t buy a coffee. But what are the best libraries for studying in South Orange County?


Aliso Viejo Library

Aliso Viejo offers numerous study tables, a lot of natural light, a built in coffee shop and plenty of quiet zones. The advantage of having a coffee shop right down the hall is that students can get a caffeine or nutrition boost during those long sessions. Parking is decent although it can get busy at times (READ: “What Kind of Tech Should I Use to Study?”).

Mission Viejo Library

Mission Viejo is conveniently located near Saddleback College for those students who need to get off campus in order to fully concentrate. This location was renovated not too many years ago and provides an abundance of study tables and comfy couches. There are also plenty of plugs for when the laptop battery gets dangerously low. Mission Viejo library was smart to separate the kids section from the study section so that young readers can enjoy a quiet but kid friendly environment and their adult counterparts can enjoy the complete quiet that we come to expect of the library experience. There is not a coffee shop here so students are limited to plastic water bottles but it is one of the nicest libraries in south OC overall.

Ladera Ranch Library

Ladera Ranch has two separate stories and is conveniently open until 8 PM on some days. Although a little out of the way for students attending large high schools and local universities, it is not to be overlooked. This is also a good library for younger students ages 6-10 who live in the area. When driving by this location, one gets the feeling of being in a neighborhood rather than a large suburban environment.

Irvine Valley College Library

Irvine Valley College Library is also a great place to study. Many students veer away from college and university libraries because they think that they must be enrolled at the school in order to enter the library. While this may be true at some larger universities, who make students swipe their library card as they come in, IVC’s library allows outsiders to study there as long as they are respectful, quiet and old enough to drive themselves. I have been to this library several times but have never been a student there. It’s true that you won’t be able to check out any books without a student card, but you can still look through the books and use the study areas. It is also a good way for high school seniors to get a feel for college life. If this location is closer than your local public library, then why not give it a try? You will have to pay the $2 parking fee. Open until 9 PM.

tutornerds-private-irvine-tutorMost students seem to prefer studying at a coffee shop or at home, and these are all good places to learn and get those assignments done. However, the good old fashioned library experience is often overlooked. Libraries offer limited to no distractions, a safe and comfortable place to work or study for long hours as well as a very low cost study experience. (The most you will spend is the gasoline to drive there.) Many high school upperclassmen and college level students will find this to be a fantastic option when it comes to getting those crucial AP assignments done. For those of you who need to take a full length SAT or ACT without the noises that come with being at home (READ: “Ask a Nerd! ‘Are the SAT and ACT Similar‘”), the library also might be right for you.


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