Tips From An Orange County Private Tutor: Best 5 Math Apps For High School Students

Math classes, of course, are core subjects; however it’s also one of the most difficult subjects for about half of high school students in America. Long gone are the days when we simply did arithmetic. Today’s high school students will be doing calculus, trigonometry, and other advanced math that generally was not required until college. In order to thrive in today’s world of super math, there are some great, and often free, apps that students can use to help them along the way (READ: “5 Awesome SAT Apps”).

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1. Graphing Calculator by Mathlab

This graphing calculator app includes important concepts such as algebra, polygraphs, implicit functions, parametric equations, and inequalities. Many students’ brains will be buzzing just hearing those terms so why not try out this app for both high school and college? One nice thing about this app is that it can replace very expensive old-fashioned handheld graphing calculators. Although it’s advertised as free, depending on what type of computer or mobile device a student has, they may have to pay a small fee of about $5. This is pretty reasonable considering that an old fashioned graphing calculator costs well over $80.

2. Math Ref

Math Ref is only $.99 and provides students with a unit converter, which is especially helpful as a timesaver so that students don’t have to continually look up different conversions or make needless mistakes. Math Ref can be used for linear algebra, trigonometry, derivatives, integration, vector calculus, differential equations and more basic math such as algebra and geometry

3. MyScript Calculator

MyScript calculator is an app that transforms stylus or finger handwriting on a mobile device into more readable handwriting. Countless students of any age have made careless math errors because they can’t read their own handwriting. MyScript turns the illegible handwriting of a student rushing to get homework done into readable and easily computable writing. This app is simple yet effective.

4. Calculus Math App Lite

Finally, there’s a math app for the right-brainers out there. Calculus Math App Lite provides students with interpretations of mathematical theories while, at the same time, providing artistic depictions. This is a great idea for the calculus students out there who would rather be spending time drawing pictures or reading a book. Calculus Math App Lite provides narrated tutorials on the basic concepts of calculus, videos to introduce beginners to the entire world of calculus, and information about its history and theory. This will be especially helpful for students who don’t want to do something simply because they are told, but rather want to know why this is an important concept to learn.

5. Trigonometry Formulas

The Trigonometry Formulas App provides users with basic trig formulas on their mobile device. This is great for students who are taking their first trig class or who are simply reviewing trigonometry for college entrance exams. This app provides tables for derivatives and integration, a list of formula groups, and a full list of formulas.

With math being more stressful than ever and the Common Core curriculum and college entrance exams integrating more advanced math in 2016, it’s important for students to become comfortable with advanced math subjects such as calculus and trigonometry at a younger age. Students should also practice formulas on a daily basis so that they’re able to do well in their math classes at school as well as be prepared for those important exams. Remember, in math, practice makes perfect but there’s no reason why students can’t make the practice easier and more fun (READ: “Ask a Private Irvine English Tutor: Writing Apps“).

That all being said, apps will only help you so much. If you’re struggling in math, and find yourself falling behind, don’t hesitate to sign up for one of our excellent Orange County math tutors.

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