Back to school survival guide for parents Part 2: Helping kids stay organized

As kids transition back to the first few weeks of the school year, they may need some help to stay organized. Organization is something that is learned over time and is a challenge at any age, but younger students often need more encouragement. As kids get older and begin to take on more responsibility, they’ll likely discover that being organized can make their life easier. Organized students are less likely to miss a deadline or forget about something last minute. They are also more liable to have lower stress levels and build confidence over time. Although each learner is an individual, there are a few things parents can do to help their kids stay on task and have excellent time management (READ: Back to School Survival Guide for Parents Part 1).


1. An organized work desk and binder

Almost every young student has trouble keeping their room clean, and this includes the desk where they complete their homework assignments. The more organized a kid’s desk is, the easier it will be to find assignment sheets and study notes that will help them with their homework. Many younger students also still use a binder, but those binders tend to get clogged up with old assignments and out-of-date notes pretty quickly. Ideally, kids can go through their binder once a month and take out anything that’s no longer relevant to current school assignments. They can be filed away for later if kids need them to study for a final exam.

2. Coordinating between electronics and pencil and paper

Electronic organizers, tablets, and laptops can make students’ lives a ton easier these days. Kids can keep an electronic calendar or set up a reminder system that helps them get things done. However, some kids are not 100% comfortable with how to use technology effectively or how to organize it in a helpful way. Also, many students forget that they wrote one thing down on their tablet and another thing down on an actual piece of paper. It’s beneficial for students to have a system where everything is organized in one place or if they are aware of which things are on paper and which are stored electronically.

3. Bring assignments home from school

Kids have forgotten their textbooks and assignments at school for generations. These days, parents and kids can access most information through the school’s online forum including chapters from the textbook and notes from the teacher. If they forget something at school, they can now access it at home and get started on their assignments straight away.

4. Communication with the teacher or Irvine private Tutor

Classroom teachers and one-on-one tutors can be helpful when it comes to additional information. Teachers are the primary source of knowledge and will recognize learning patterns in a student almost right away. If a student is working with a tutor on a regular basis, they’ll know which subjects the student struggles with and which ones they excel at. They’ll also know when a student needs extra help with organization or time management.

5. A quiet place to work

There are so many distractions these days that sometimes kids just need an extra quiet place to work. If possible, they can have a study desk in their room where they can shut out noise from the rest of the household. Alternatively, they may be able to reserve a ‘quiet room’ at the library where they can work solo or in a small group without outside distractions. Although it can be fun for older students to study at a coffee shop or a friend’s house, they may find it easier to stay organized in a more peaceful environment where they can gear their full concentration on the task at hand.

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