Back to school survival guide for parents Part 1: Readjusting to academic life

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Going back to school can be just as hard on parents as it is for kids. Some parents are sad to see their little ones go off to school for the day while others are happy they have a bit of time to get things done at home or work. Once school starts, kids will come home with varying levels of homework depending on their age, lots of stories to tell, and perhaps a little bit of stress. Academic life involves more than just getting assignments done; rather it’s a whole new set of things for parents to manage. Whether their kids need help with homework, communicating with the teacher, or socialization parents have a big job ahead of them while their kids get readjusted back to their academic lifestyle – start the school year off right with the help of private Orange County academic tutoring from TutorNerds.

1.  Homework (a lot of homework)

One of the biggest complaints parents have in general is that their children have too much homework. They seem to be getting more homework at an earlier age, which leaves less time for families and relaxation after school. It can be difficult to manage this amount of homework, but there are some strategies that are helpful. For instance, students can learn to cut out a fair amount of busy work and study more efficiently. They can also look at setting up a schedule, so they don’t get too far behind on compounded assignments such as chapter reading. The more time a child has to get exercise or just rest after school, the more likely they are to be productive overall.

2.  Readjusting to a daily schedule

Adjusting back to a daily school schedule takes a little bit of time. Usually, after the first-month kids are used to getting up at a certain time and concentrating during school hours. However, as kids grow, they may need to make minor adjustments in their schedule, so they have time to work on difficult homework assignments or just have a mental break from academics. In many cases, experimenting with different options is the best way to establish a productive routine, especially for older kids in middle or high school.

3.  Socialization

Socialization is a big part of being at school, especially if a student is moving up to the first year of middle school. Some kids are social butterflies while others are on the shy side. Either way, it’s important to chat with kids about their new friends and look out for any instances of bullying. Life in the classroom can be a lot easier if kids have friends who are good role models and who practice kindness.

4.  Stress management

These days, stress management is an issue even for younger students. Some of the most common things that cause excess stress include lack of sleep, too much time sitting at a computer, lack of exercise, or not enough down time. If kids have difficulty managing stress they might also need academic help from an in-home tutor or need to talk with their teacher after class to get some study tips.

5. Down time

One of the biggest things that kids can do to transition back to the school year is just to get some relaxation time. Perhaps they’re reading their favorite ‘just for fun’ series of novels or maybe they’re hanging out in the backyard with the family pet. Parents also need some down time as they help their kids transition back to school. One of the biggest transitions occurs when students start middle school. There will be a lot more homework at a time when their brains are growing, and emotional levels are high. However, downtime usually helps the adjustment back to the academic

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