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Q: How do I Master AP English Language?

Brief: Like any AP class, AP language is a college level class and requires hard work, fantastic time management, and the help from a teacher or a private Irvine AP tutor.


Now that you are a couple of months into your AP language class, you have probably noticed that the homework is piling up and you may have realized that the in-class quizzes are only a small look into what awaits you in May. Don’t worry too much, but do spend time working out your time management.

  1. Create a timeline of the basic terms and concepts that you should know so that you are not stressing out in the spring. Use a good quality test prep book to help you with your timeline (READ: “Last Minute AP Study Guide“).
  2. Create an electronic sheet with all of your assignments and due dates. Once you have completed each assignment, cross it off.
  3. Look at your grade sheet often. Most AP language teachers use Blackboard or School Loop to share grades electronically. Make sure that you are keeping track of your grades at least once a week.
  4. Join a study group. Find two or three students in your class who you get along well with and arrange a time to study together each week. Meet at a coffee shop or the library or try using Google Hangouts if you can’t get together in person.
  5. Talk to your teacher. The more thoughtful questions that you ask, the more likely the teacher will know who you are and know that you are truly interested in his or her subject. Take the time to get to know your teacher and his or her teaching/grading style (READ: “Taking the AP Exam“).

Once you have your general organization down it’s time to learn about everything English.

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