Cracking the ACT

Whether you’re taking the SAT, ACT, or both, It’s important not to confuse the two exams. Today we will be focusing on the ACT tips. Are you taking it this spring? If so, listen up.

If you are generally stressed out when the clock is ticking, you’ll be relieved to know that the ACT allows 35-60 minutes for the multiple choice sections and 30 minutes for the essay portion. The ACT English portion focuses heavily on the proper use of grammar and punctuation, so this is something that you’ll surely want to practice. You will need to act as an editor to make passages better.

Tutor-Nerds-Private-TutorThe math section will still focus on the traditional standardized testing questions such as ‘solve for X’ and word problems, however, you will only have one section to complete and 60 minutes to finish. That seems like quite a lot of time, but there are also 60 questions.

The long passage problems we love so much are also present in the ACT. Get out your highlighter before you start reading through your practice test booklet because these are pretty tough. Think about which questions are the most difficult for you and save them for the end. You will have more time than on the SAT, so there’s a better chance that you will be able to go back later and finish at least some of the problems you left. Read on for more ACT tips.

Don’t Over Think It

You’ll also need to fully understand what the author means. Making inferences can be risky because you don’t want to go too far. Try taking a practice test and see how you do. One-on-one tutors can come in very handy when it comes to long passages, so have one prepared for when she or he arrives at your home.

The ACT contains one section that is entirely different from the SAT; the science section. What? Yes, that’s correct, if you choose to take the ACT, you will need to put a lot of focus into this section. When it comes to this portion, charts and graphs are your friend. At least you will need to make friends with them in order to do well. Visual learners you are in luck, a big part of the science part is just about reading visual information correctly and figuring out which pieces of information are important and which are not.

Try not to think too much about science concepts or theory. Rather, you’ll be looking at a series of questions where you have to figure out what numbers go where and which numbers are totally unnecessary. Basically, if you’re good at math, you will probably do well on the science section. Remember, anyone can be good at math if he or she puts in the effort. It’s not uncommon, or in any way embarrassing, to be a little slower with mathematical skills. That being said, let our private tutors help you with all your mathematical needs.

WARNING: The ACT Essay is Very Different From the SAT Essay

There’s one last thing to consider; it’s an important one. The ACT essay is very different from the SAT essay. When you practice the writing prompts in your study book, keep in mind the formatting of your essay. The ACT essay structure is incredibly rigid and if you go off format, your score can decrease rapidly. Prepare a full length essay for your Orange County private tutor or study group to look at. Most study books have examples of essays that have a high score, so take the time to read through these to start out on the right track.

The next ACT test date is June 14th and you will have to sign up by May 9th to avoid late fees. If you aren’t quite ready to take the ACT this spring, the next test date is September 21st. Rememeber, summer is a great time for test-prep. Let our college-educated Irvine, CA, private tutors give you the advantage. Contact us today. Don’t be an ACT tips hog, share with your friends.

Happy studying!

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