7 Sites to Find Inspiration for Creative Writing

Creativity is one of the most essential elements in every written work. And for writers who are writing a novel or even other materials that requires personal creativity, it can be really difficult. There are just times when you cannot get the inspiration you need to be able to write. When this happens, you find it extremely hard to let your creativity flow. But with the help of these 7 sites, you can easily find inspiration for creative writing (READ: “Tips from an Irvine English tutor: 5 steps for surviving literature class”).


1. Writing

This site is free to join and very easy to use. As a known online community for writers from different backgrounds, writing.com has been widely popular among writers ever since 2000. With this website, you get to have a creative environment where you can access various writing tools and other opportunities to find inspiration. The site makes it easy for you to create your own writing portfolio and share your work. On top of that, you can also interact with other fellow writers. You can share ideas and collaborate with others that can surely bring out your creative side.

2. Inspiration for Writers

When you cannot find inspiration to start or to finally complete your work, you can access the site Inspirationforwriters.com. The site is home to really useful materials that you can use for your writing. If you want essential tips to further improve your writing, Inspirationforwriters.com has a blog where you can read useful articles. You can also sign-up for their newsletters and even download their Workbook. Aside from the online resources that they provide to writers, the site also offers editorial services. If you are in need of professional editors who will review your work, you are the right place.

3. Boston Globe

Before you can really become an effective writer, you need to be a wide reader first. It is essential that you are aware of what is going on around you. All writers read different materials as they use these to inspire them to write about something. One great site is the Bostonglobe.com. With this site, you get to read interesting features and other content in various categories from sports, politics, lifestyle, etc. Just click any category you want and you get to have a list of various articles that you might find worth reading. From any of these content, you can find inspiration.

4. Storybird

Creating a pure written text can be quite dull especially if you want to make your work more visual and creative. By using the platform of Storybird.com, it is now much easier for you to do visual storytelling with just a few clicks. This site is for writers, artists and readers who want to make visual stories in just a matter of seconds. The platform is very easy to use. You can start creating your story, add visuals and share it online. In addition to creating your story, you can also interact with other writers and readers with the site’s global community.

5. Best Essay Tips

Just when you really cannot find inspiration, there are websites like Bestessaytips.com that can help you with your writing. The site provides various writing tips that you can use. Apart from their useful tips, they also offer free samples to help you in making your own research. When you see the content, at least you get to have the idea as to how you can finally start your own work.

6. Protagonize

Writers dream of not just creating their work but also to publish and share it with their readers and other people. Thanks to the Internet, there are sites like Protagonize.com. This site allows you to create your own work. But apart that, it also makes it easy for you to publish and to share your writing with the rest of the world. You can also collaborate with other writers and even get in touch with your readers.

7. The Story Starter

Let’s face it. When you read any content, the moment you read the first sentence and you find it really dull and boring, you wouldn’t bother to read everything from start to finish. That is why it is essential for writers to capture the interest of their readers even with the very first sentence of their work. With the site, Thestorystarter.com, you get to have an online generating tool where you can generate the first sentence. Just type in the certain words or keywords and the tool will automatically generate the sentence relevant to what you are looking for.

Creative writing is an arduous task among writers. But with the help of these sites and tools, it is much easier for you to finally find inspiration to jumpstart your work or to finally finish your work in such a way that you get to create a written work that will capture the interests of your readers and will showcase your talent and creativity as a writer.

About the author:

Cindy Bates works as a freelance writer and editor. She used to write articles and share her knowledge and experience in educational sphere.


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