Teacher Appreciation Day: 6 Ways to Show Your Teacher You Care

Teachers appreciation week is a tradition to let educators know that their hard work has helped students learn and thrive in their academic environment. Teachers do anything from helping preschoolers learn their ABCs to helping 12 graders refine their college essays. There are so many ways students can show their teacher that they care about all the hard work they’ve been putting in throughout the year. These are just a few of the ways students and their families can appreciate their teacher this spring.


1. Homemade gifts and cards

Teachers love to get homemade cards & gifts, especially from their younger students. This is a creative and heartfelt way to let a teacher know that he or she is appreciated. Kids can sit down after school and make a small craft project or get out the good old-fashioned construction paper and crayons. If the school has a PTA parents can consider getting together and purchasing scrapbooks for each of the teachers so that they can save all of their homemade cards and drawings from over the years (READ: “3 Reasons Why You Should Talk to Your Teacher”).

2. Sweet treats

Everybody loves a sweet treat from time to time, and teachers are no different. The PTA can get together and make Rice Krispie treats, brownies, or anything that’s easy to make with kids. Additionally, parents and students can arrange for coffee to be brought in on a certain day so that teachers can enjoy coffee and donuts as a morning pick me up. Also, teachers always feel special when their students bring in a plate of cookies or candy.

3. After school potluck

Some schools are so big that it can be hard to remember every teacher, especially if some people are only there part time. If this is the case, the PTA can arrange for a potluck to be held after school and each student can pitch in to bring a different dish. Since the weather is usually beautiful in the spring, teachers, and their students can take the potluck outside on the sports field and enjoy getting to know each other in a non-academic environment that encourages a friendly atmosphere.

4. Improved academics

One of the best gifts teachers can receive is to know that their students have been able to improve their learning. Students can write their teachers a note and let them know which concept or subject they have mastered because of the help of an educator. Alternatively, students can simply talk to their teacher after class and say how much they appreciate any extra help they have received and let him or her know that they feel more confident about their times tables or their ability to write an outline – a great way to improve your academics is with the help of an Orange County private academic tutor from TutorNerds.

5. A recommendation

Another great thing students can do to appreciate their teachers is to give them a recommendation. Let the principal know that the teacher has done a fantastic job and gone the extra mile to provide an excellent education. In the case of younger children, parents can give the recommendation or only stop by after school and let the administration know how much they appreciate their child’s teacher.

6. Books for the library

Some schools have a diverse and well-stocked library. On the other hand, some schools are seriously lacking in reading material. Teachers and students can utilize books in so many ways but only if they’re available. An excellent and thoughtful teacher appreciation gift would be to donate a book to the school library and provide a sticker inside the book stating that the book is donated in the name of a particular teacher. This will be a gift that can keep on giving for years to come (READ: “7 Things Parents Should Ask New Teachers”).

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