5 ways to use spring break 2016 to improve your student resume

Most students think about spring break 2016 as a time to relax and enjoy a little bit of sunshine before pushing through to the end of the academic year. Although this is a great thing to look forward to, students who need to beef up their resume may need to utilize their spring break to make some improvements. Students who need a little bit more to put on paper for their college applications can use spring break as a way to accomplish some things that will help them get closer to a college acceptance letter.


1. Volunteer

Students are required to complete a certain number of volunteer hours to graduate high school. Additionally, volunteering can look great to colleges and universities, especially if it’s something the student is passionate about. Some students will start their volunteer work freshman year and do a few hours here and there; resulting in a completed student resume by the time they apply for college. However, many students decide to leave it to the last minute or just procrastinate and forget to get it done. At some point completing all these volunteer hours can become overwhelming. Spring Break provides students with a whole free week so they could volunteer several hours a day and improve their student resume (READ: “Post Spring Break Burn Out: 6 Ways to Cope”).

2. Study for AP exams

Although students probably would prefer to spend their spring break outside in the sunshine, AP exams are held soon after spring break is over. Students who have gotten behind or who are feeling overwhelmed by these exams can utilize this time to get in some further study while they don’t have classroom work. It’s important to remember that only a score of 3 or above will count towards college credit, so it’s worth it to sacrifice some time during spring break to pass the exam.

3. Work on SAT or ACT Prep

The SAT and ACT exams can be just as hard to study for as AP exams. If necessary, students can work with a study group or a tutor during spring break to finish their test prep. If students need to spend a little bit of time studying but don’t want to give up their entire spring break, they should take one full-length practice exam so they can determine what their potential overall score will be. Most students find it too painful to sit for three and a half hours to take a full exam while also focusing on classroom assignments. As a result, spring break is the perfect opportunity to get this done – it’s never to early to book your private Irvine ACT/SAT tutor.

4. College visits

Sophomores and juniors who haven’t had a chance to visit any college campuses should consider doing this over spring break. It’s important for students to have an idea of what college life will be like and find out whether or not they feel comfortable on a particular campus. Students who can join official tours or make appointments with admissions recruiters are encouraged to do so. However, most colleges will let high school students and their parents visit a college campus unofficially and take a self-guided tour. If one of these colleges happens to be located in a warm climate; students should consider it a spring break bonus (READ: “Are Alternative Spring Breaks for You?”).

5. Organizing academics

In conjunction with a little bit of time in the sunshine with friends, students can also use spring break to get organized. Once they come back to school, they won’t have another break until the end of the academic year, and they will be expected to complete AP exams as well as test prep. Spending even a few hours getting organized can help a student maintain their energy level and efficiency through the end of the year.

Struggling in your classes? Work with your private Irvine tutor over break and finish the year strong. Call us today for more information.

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