5 Ways to Learn about Art this Summer

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The summer provides a great opportunity to experience local arts and culture throughout California. Students will primarily focus on academics during the school year so they should have a chance to open up their imagination and be creative during the summer. There are tons of different places for kids to learn about art ranging from traditional art history to interactive arts and crafts. Many young students who have a chance to maintain a creative outlet will end up lowering their stress and improving their concentration, which can help them immensely once the school year starts up again.

1. Take a class at a craft store

There are several arts and crafts stores throughout Southern California that offer fun activity classes for kids. In addition to being creative, kids will get to take home their creation and share it with the whole family. Arts and crafts classes can serve as an excellent alternative to a full day camp because it allows younger kids the opportunity to socialize and learn something new during their summer break. Some stores that offer classes include Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabrics (READ: 5 Great Reasons to Volunteer this Summer).

2. Have a ceramics party

Another popular hands-on art activity is to paint ceramics. Southern California has several places that have pre-made ceramic sculptures that kids can glaze to create a fun and imaginative object. Families can get together and have an impromptu party where everybody can socialize and just have fun. Additionally, local art centers offer kids a chance to build a vase or sculpture from scratch. Some local options include the Irvine Fine Arts Center and Color Me Mine.

3. Visit a local art museum

Another great way for kids to experience art over the summer is to visit one of the many local art museums in Southern California. Many art museums have family-friendly exhibits that are interactive and encourage a kid’s imagination to soar. Older students can learn about art history as well while they tour the galleries and view art from medieval times to present. Also, some art museums offer group tours or summer day camps where kids can enjoy the atmosphere of the artwork but also participate in creative hands-on activities. This is a great opportunity for a young artist who doesn’t have as much time as they would like to participate in art during the school year. Local art museums include the San Diego Museum of Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (READ: 5 Awesome Educational Activities to do on a Summer Road Trip).

4. Get out the sidewalk chalk

Playing with sidewalk chalk is one of the easiest forms of summer art. Kids only need a pack of chalk and a friend to create a gigantic and wonderful masterpiece in the comfort of their driveway. This has been a summer activity for kids for generations, and it encourages unstructured socialization, sharing, and working as a team. As an bonus the sidewalk chalk is very easy to clean up with just a little bit of water.

5. Have a picnic in the sculpture garden

Several Southern California area art museums have a sculpture garden as part of their exhibit. Sculpture gardens can transport a young kid’s imagination to a whole new world of play and creativity as they tour these huge structures. Sculpture Gardens provide an excellent opportunity just to sit back, relax and have a picnic in this creative atmosphere. Kids don’t always have to be creating something to enjoy art. Simply absorbing the artistic atmosphere can lead to an increased imagination. Balboa Park in San Diego offers a great Sculpture Garden.

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