Costa Mesa Tutor Tips: 5 Ways to Keep Self-Esteem High During Summer School


Many children can benefit from an academically focused summer school program that will make their overall educational experience easier and more productive. Unfortunately, most children don’t see summer school as a benefit. Rather, they see it as something they have to do because they didn’t receive passing grades during the year. There are several things parents and teachers can do to help younger kids keep their self-esteem high while they attend a summer school program. Of course, every child is unique, and their situations will vary from that of their peers and neighbors, but there are several positive things about summer school in general.

1. Become an expert

Kids who fell behind in a difficult subject during the school year may not be feeling great about their abilities to become an expert. However, participating in a summer school program can help kids improve in that same subject during the next school year. Summer school provides an opportunity for kids to focus on just that one subject that gave them trouble so they can overcome any content or study skills issues. Once students have a chance to understand truly what’s going on with reading, math, or any other challenging subject their self-esteem is likely to get higher (READ: 10 reasons you need a summer tutor).

2. Leave academic struggles behind

In many cases, children attend summer school because they are having some overall academic struggles as opposed to difficulty in a specific subject. If this is the case, the summer school instructor may focus on study skills and organization across all topics. Kids don’t get a chance to take a class in study skills but are expected to master these things on their own. This can make it very difficult for kids with any concentration or motivation issue to ace every class. Academic summer programs provide a great opportunity for kids to work with a dedicated teacher and develop some study skills that work for them as an individual.

3. Work with a private Costa Mesa tutor in a one-on-one setting

Another thing students can do to help keep their self-esteem high during summer school is to work one-on-one with a private tutor. Many kids struggle with either reading or math and need a little bit of extra help. A private tutor can serve as an excellent supplement to a summer school program because they can provide useful repetition of a challenging subject and introduce new concepts at a pace that works for the student. When a student isn’t overly stressed out about a particular subject they’re more likely to feel great about the subject and school in general.

4. Allow time for fun activities

Many kids don’t like summer school because they think it will take time away from fun activities and time with friends. If a child can benefit from summer school, they should attend, but they should also have plenty of fun activities scheduled, so they don’t miss out on some relaxation and outdoor time. If kids know that they’re going to have plenty of time to have fun with friends in the neighborhood they will be more likely to give summer school a chance and concentrate on improving their academic skills.

5. Prevent isolation

A lot of the time, students feel isolated if they have to attend summer school. However, there are tons of kids attending summer academic programs these days. With increased competition, many students simply attend summer school to get ahead. They may want to apply for a scholarship later on or participate in academic competitions. If children know that there are tons of students attending summer programs, they are less likely to feel isolated. As long as they’re part of a group, summer school won’t seem so bad (READ: 5 Reasons to get an in-home tutor this summer).

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