5 Tips to Stay Active on Campus over the Summer

Stay Active on Campus over the Summer

Most college students have settled into being back at home and are enjoying some peace and quiet or fun in the sun. It’s great to have a break from the rigors of college-level academics, but it can also be hard to readjust to being a full-time university student in the fall. One way students can make their transition back to college easier is to stay active on campus in some way during the summer. Whether a student has moved back home in a different state or only lives an hour or two away, they can either keep in touch in person or remotely.

1. Volunteer on campus

Students who are attending an in-state university may be living within an hour or so of campus. If this is the case, they may be able to do a little bit of volunteer work throughout the summer. Most colleges offer some volunteer work whether it’s getting involved in a campus clean-up or reaching out to incoming freshmen. Visiting campus a few times over the summer, even if it’s a bit of a drive can help a student stay connected to their college community and make it easier to transition back to being a full-time student in the fall.

2. Seek out the local alumni group

Students who are living several states away from their university campus should consider getting involved with their local alumni group. Larger universities have some alumni presence in every major city in the country while smaller colleges and universities will still have an online presence. Students can get connected with this group as a way of saying active in the university environment, either in person or virtually, and also make valuable networking connections for the future (READ: 5 Signs You Need A Math Tutor in College).

3. Get involved with the school newspaper

Another great way to stay involved on a college campus over the summer is to write for the school newspaper. Many university newspapers have a few highly dedicated journalism students holding down the fort during the summer months. However, fresh insight and skill are often welcomed in this environment. There are campus activities that need to be covered and interviews that need to be conducted that go beyond the time commitment of the smaller staff on hand during the summer term. Students who write for the school newspaper, even if it’s one or two articles a year, can grow their network and hone their writing skills while staying connected to their classmates.

4. Take a summer class online

Students who are living at home out-of-state can stay connected by taking a class online. Many large universities will offer a series of online classes available for students to take over the summer who cannot stay on campus and live in the dorms. This is a great way to grow an online presence and social network even in a different time zone. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to get a few elective credits out of the way, so they have a better chance of graduating on time (READ: 5 Things to do Before You Go Away to College).

5. Give campus tours to potential students

Students who live close to their university campus can consider volunteering to give campus tours. This is a great way for more experienced students to provide valuable advice to incoming freshmen as well as students preparing to apply for admission. Additionally, students will get to know every corner of campus and may even discover a few places they have never been to. This is a great way to stay connected to campus as well as get some great volunteer experience for the resume.

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