Private Fullerton Tutor Tips: Remember Those Tricky Test Questions

Every single student will face incredibly tricky test questions that simply don’t make sense. However, it’s up to the student to figure out how to either learn and remember the answer or be able to make an educated guess that will give them the best chance of making the grade. There are a few tips students can follow when they run out of ideas for how to remember all of the material they need to be successful on exam day. Whether a student is working with a professional, within a group, or is relying on themselves to come up with memory devices these tips have been working for students for years – book your private Fullerton tutor and score high on your next exam.


1. Mnemonic devices

A mnemonic device is any technique that can help a student better remember a term or question. These can be very useful to students who have a ton of informational material to cover when studying for an exam. Students can use rhymes, word association, or anything that helps jog their memory. When it comes to lengthy standardized exams or finals, mnemonic devices can be a lifesaver (READ: “Super Foods and Testing”).

2. Daily study

When students attempt to learn all of their terms or information in one sitting, they don’t have a lot of luck. Repetition and review are really important when it comes to remembering complex questions, so daily study is the best way to go. Two students who both spend one hour working on memorization might have very different results if one student studies 10 minutes every day and the other crams for a solid hour. The student who worked on the terms for a short time every day will probably score higher on the exam. It’s important to see words over and over again to remember them for later.

3. Don’t forget review

When working on tricky questions, many students focus on the terms they struggle with most. This is a great strategy as long as they don’t forget to review. Sometimes students will end up feeling less confident about the questions they knew by heart because they spent all of their time on the complex questions. The review doesn’t always have to be extensive; it can be 5 or 10 minutes per study session. However, it’s essential in order to keep excessive amounts of information stored in memory until exam day. Additionally, students can gain a confidence boost by starting their study session working with terms they are already somewhat familiar with. Once they get going, they can start working on more difficult material.

4. A mock exam

It’s a great idea for students to create a mock exam (many of which can be designed by various online study tools) so they have an idea of what they’ll face on test day. Sometimes students think they know every single question and term but may have learned them in a particular order that will be unfamiliar on the exam. Mock exams, even shortened versions thereof, it can be extremely helpful as a study tool (READ: “The Lowdown on Standardized Testing”).

5. A fresh pair of eyes

When it comes to an important test like an AP exam or a final, it’s great to have a fresh pair of eyes, or two or three. Students who work within a study group or with a tutor are more likely to have an outside perspective on the material presented to them. Tutors can help organize information and study groups can help each other break up portions of the text, so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Although working solo can provide students with an uninterrupted learning environment, study groups, and study buddies serve as an essential learning tool.

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