Tips From a Private Irvine English Tutor: 5 Tips to Encourage your Child to Read

As kids adjust back to the academic year, they will need to review and improve their reading skills. Most teachers and tutors agree that the best way to improve reading comprehension is with practice. However, many kids don’t enjoy reading for fun for one reason or another. There are plenty of distractions for kids out there such as video games that can easily temp a young child away from consistent reading. Luckily, there are a few ways that younger children can be encouraged to read for fun, and on a regular basis – hiring an Irvine private Reading Tutor is a great way to encourage students to read!


1 – Let them pick the topic

When kids read at school, they don’t have a say over what they are reading. This often leads them to view reading as a chore to be avoided. If kids have the option of picking books out that they really want to read, they are more likely to sit down and do it voluntarily. Although there aren’t too many bookstores around anymore, parents can take kids to one of the remaining stores or the library and let them browse to their heart’s content. If they get to choose the topic they will be reading about they are more likely to read consistently and for fun (READ: “5 Tips for Success in English Class”).

2 – Make the setting fun

Sitting upright in a chair and at a desk reminds young kids of the classroom. If they enjoy school, they will likely enjoy most topics and assignments but if they are struggling or just need time to run around or be more comfortable, they probably won’t enjoy reading in an uncomfortable position. Kids who can read in a fun environment, such as a pillow fort, an outside bench, or at a window seat, may be able to delve into the story and think of reading as a fun activity.

3 – Read with friends

Many kids don’t like reading because they think of it as a solo activity and would prefer spending time with friends. However, reading can be a social activity. Kids don’t have to be reading the same book as their friends, but they can certainly read them together. Younger kids can essentially have their book clubs where they hang out, read, and chat about what they liked about the story or what made it funny.

4 – Don’t make it a punishment

Sometimes, it’s tempting to take away all of the toys except books. If kids only have access to reading when they are in trouble, they can easily start to think of reading as a punishment. Once reading feels like a bad thing it will be very hard to get kids to read on a regular basis. If reading can be presented as a good thing, something to be enjoyed, kids are more likely to want to participate (READ: “5 Reasons Students Should Blog”).

5- Use pictures to enhance imagination

When students struggle to understand what they are reading, they have trouble picturing the story in their minds. Without that moving mental picture, reading isn’t much fun and becomes a simple and dry task to scan for information. Kids who need a bit of help with imagination are encouraged to read picture books, magazines, comics, or anything that makes their imagination soar. Once they get the comprehension down, they will likely be able to see their own picture, but for the time being they should enjoy illustrations.

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